Astrali Goes Gallactic

The Skin Fair opens today and I’ve got another new release, this one from the Plastik, to show you. The Astrali skin comes with a huge array of options and in a wide selection of tones, allowing it to be used both for regular wear and for more fantastical purposes. I decided to pair it with some recent releases from Gallactic to start with, before stripping down a bit more. After all, the whole skin matters, not just the pretty face.

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Gallactica started out with some very sexy cat suits, some more revealing (like this one) and some more covered. Most recently, a few fabulous accessories were added; gorgeous boots, a ray gun and a helmet. With this, you are definitely set for some sexy adventures in space. Each item comes in a huge number of colours and mixes and matches perfectly with the various catsuits. The boots, of course, should work just fine even if you’re not going for an SF look, though the ray gun might be harder to work into your daily fashion look, admittedly. But everyone needs a ray gun anyway.

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Now onto the Astrali skin from the Plastik. I am wearing one of the darker tones, Earthe, but there’s a total of 13 to choose from. This includes some very pale tones as well as some more fantastical tones, including a range of more desaturated grey/black tones. But that is not where your options stop, however. Each skin includes four body options for different breasts, from more toned down (which is what I am wearing), to stronger shading for larger breast settings, a version without nipples and a version where the side shading is made to blend better with the Lola’s mesh breasts (the skins also include appliers for Lola’s).

Also included is a massive collection of tattoo layers; various freckle options, lip tints for darker and lighter lips, an array of makeups and a large set of tintable facial tattoos. I am wearing one, tinted to a reddish hue. You also get eyes (mesh and regular) with each skin and for this look I am wearing the Galaxia Reia eyes; most of the eyes are quite fantastical and great for these sort of looks.

Overall, I quite like the body shading. It feels cohesive in terms of the amount of detail and the back has received every bit as much attention as the front; I particularly like the back dimplese. The breast options are a really good way of accommodating different sizes and still having the result look good.

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Astrali’s face is sultry rather than cute, I think, and that suits me just fine. The lips were easy to work with, suiting a range of settings, and the same is true for the nose. I found that the character of the face felt a little different for me between different tones; the darker tones brought out the stronger shading more, giving it even more character than the lighter tones, which is why I ended up opting for showing Earthe in this post.

The look is completed by the Tiffani hair from Alice Project.

I would definitely encourage giving Astrali a look even if you’re not planning a fantasy avatar; there’s plenty of tones in the normal human range. And if you are thinking of something more fantastical, the many extras included with the skin offers some great options for really unique looks. You will find the Plastik on Sim 2 of the Skin Fair.

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