Afternoon Tea & Spankings

I have been wanting to photo the second version of Stockholm & Lima’s Victorian bench from the January Deco(c)rate for a while, so when I received a set of chairs and a cart with refreshments from Roawenwood for the Draftsman event, I determined to do something about it. A trip to [email protected] to take advantage of their huge sale and a trip to Uber to pick up the new Truth hair, and I was set. Well, I also had to get Ran on and dressed for the occasion, since it would be very lonely to photo a Victorian spanking bench on my own.

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Insolence is Back

It is no secret that I love virtual lingerie and for several years the Insolence brand, created by camilla Yosuke, was one of my favourites in Second Life. Then the releases stopped coming and once I moved to a mesh body I could no longer wear the existing pieces either. But a few weeks ago, a surprise notice arrived. Insolence was back, with mesh lingerie. The initial release was only for the Maitreya body, but the release notice promised that versions for other mesh bodies would be coming along. And just before I took off for Barcelona, the Slink versions (for the original and the hourglass body) arrived.

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Applying Myself

Slink has an exciting new update to their fabulous mesh hands and mesh feet: an applier system (if you use mesh breasts, you are likely already familiar with this) that allows other creators to create textures for these add-ons. In addition to allowing feet and hands that perfectly match a skin without the need for any tinting, appliers can also handle other things. Or how about mesh feet with actual stockings or panty hose on or mesh hands with more nail colours than you can shake a stick at?

One of the very first brands to deliver some goodies for Slink’s hands and feet is Adam n Eve. I decided to pair some of these new goodies with some sexy poses from Elymode.

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