Seductive Feet

I am not really much of a shoe addict. Or rather, I love boots, but high heels aren’t generally my thing (in SL or RL, for that matter). But when I saw the latest release from Sax Shepherd Designs, the Mata Hari Jeweled Stilettos, I knew I had to get the new high feet from Slink in order to be able to wear these shoes. I can’t resists jewellery and these oh so sexy shoes really are as much jewellery as shoes. I decided to pair them with a barely-there mesh bodysuit from the Plastik and picked up the steamy new poses for today’s 50 L Friday from oOo Studios.

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Dancing Girl

The September round of Genre has opened and this month we are treated to an Old West theme. The Molly outfit from Senzafine immediately caught my eye and I decided that it would be lovely to pair it with the new Alisha lace booties from lassitude & ennui. These are made for the Slink medium feet and available at the new round of the Boutique.

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Tasty Hair?

Hair Fair is still going strong with about a week to do, but it is not the only fair in town right now. There is also the Food Fair, featuring decorative food items as well as other items with a food connection.

Generally, you don’t want hair in your food, or food in your hair, but for this post we’re mixing things up. From Hair Fair, we’re showing hairs by Wasabi Pills (female) and Amacci (male). From Food Fair, we’re showing a gorgeous corset by Perception and a lovely, materials-ready necklace by Weather! or not?

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Lust on the Runway

I can’t resist a sexy corset and the new Eros corset from Deviance definitely fits the bill. There’s a bit of fantasy element to it as well, with the studded hip skirt having almost an armoured feel, and that never hurts. I paired it with a skin from PXL, new hair from Ploom and accessories from lassitude & ennui and HANDverk. I am also using the newest prop from Glitterati, the Runway.

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Fantasy Faire: Starfall

The Fantasy Faire is just a few hours away now! I have had a chance to look through the sims and they are, as they have been the last year, wonderfully creative. And, of course, packed with some truly great creators. I have so many great outfits to show—this is the faire where mesh has broken through big time among fantasy creators—and I will be starting with the Muses. The amazingly productive Nephilaine Protagonist offers four new outfits for the faire, two for women and two for men.

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Robed and Ready

After offering several lovely gowns that Ran could just be jealous of (not that he wants a gown, as such, but something matching for male avatars), the Muses has now released three mesh robes for men. These are absolutely perfect for all sorts of fantasy/historical roleplay. Almost at the same time, the Muses also released three more gowns, but you’ll get to see those in a separate post. Instead, I decided to use the two new mesh gowns from Bilo‘s new line, Bilo Rani, as they also have quite a fantasy feel to them. In addition to that, I am showing two of the newest hairs from Wasabi Pills and we’re using the table, chairs and props from Libertine for the Genre event.

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