Robed and Ready

After offering several lovely gowns that Ran could just be jealous of (not that he wants a gown, as such, but something matching for male avatars), the Muses has now released three mesh robes for men. These are absolutely perfect for all sorts of fantasy/historical roleplay. Almost at the same time, the Muses also released three more gowns, but you’ll get to see those in a separate post. Instead, I decided to use the two new mesh gowns from Bilo‘s new line, Bilo Rani, as they also have quite a fantasy feel to them. In addition to that, I am showing two of the newest hairs from Wasabi Pills and we’re using the table, chairs and props from Libertine for the Genre event.

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First up, we have the Iram gown in Golden Fire and the Marquis robe in Red. I really like the colour-combinations for the gown and the belt (which is integral rather than separate) is a great touch. The rich, red robe is easy to wear even if you don’t perfectly match any of the standard sizes and the rigging is excellent.

I am wearing the Ivette hair in Ash from Wasabi Pills and Ran is wearing the Broken Strings hair in Moonlight from Exile. My skin is PXL’s Faith and he’s wearing Adam Crius from the Abyss.

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This shot gives a better look at the Legends props from Libertine for this round of Genre. The events if Gor-themed this time around, though this rustic table and the many props on top of it will suit many other fantasy or historical scenes.

In this shot, I am wearing the Sabah gown in Faerie Night and Ran is wearing the Taliesin robe in Faun. That one is my favourite of the robes from the Muses, with its celtic-inspired patterning. I’ve switched over to another new Wasabi Pills hair, Giselle, which really flatters your face with the soft, sweeping wisps of hair that frames it.

The Muses and Bilo should definitely be at the top of your list if you’re looking for clothing with a fantasy and/or historical feel, whether or not you actually roleplay in SL. Even if you remain hesitant about mesh and prefer to avoid changing your shape, gowns and similar items are definitely easier to get away with than, for example, pants.

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