The Water Bearer

So many gorgeous new things, so little time. That continues to be my bane, though I imagine that is only too common. Plus, these things do have to come together naturally for me to be really pleased with them. Like this one, which definitely grew quite organically. I had had a number of the pieces sitting in my inventory for a while, and then this fountain by DECO showed up at Collabor88 for March and provided the (almost) final piece of the puzzle.

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I fell for the Aquarius Fountain immediately. It really has that old-fashioned feel that I love in both clothing and props. There are sits included on the edge, a basic solo sit for each gender and a few couple sits, too.

Given the theme of the fountain, I just had to go and pick up the Water Bearer I pose set from HopScotch. There are two sets with four poses in each, and amphora props for each pose. I am really loving these themed sets from HopScotch, they tell so much story.

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My dress is one of the three released recently by the Muses. I love the embroidery details on the sleeves and the laces on the bodice. The neckline certainly doesn’t hurt, either. Unlike the last gowns I blogged from the Muses this one is full mesh, so a little less forgiving of shape differences, but since the M+ size is quite forgiving of extra muscle and body fat it works pretty well for me anyway.

My hair is the elegant Tyr updo from Alice Project. It has a texture-changing rose at the back, for that final touch, and its colour is of course changeable with a HUD as for all Alice Project hairs.

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My skin is Maha from Adam n Eve, due to be released at the Skin Fair 2013 which opens March 15th. I love the nose that sachi did on on this skin; it feels very aristocratic to me.

The gorgeously intricate jewellery is from the Curiata set by Illusions. There are bracelets, too, and a separate mask which is just divine. Each piece is scripted for texture changing and includes a wide variety of metals.

With some events mixed in, finding out where you can get each piece may not be so easy, so here’s a summary. DECO’s fountain is available at Collabor88 and the hair from Alice Project was a prize for the Global Domination event, so I don’t believe it is available now. The items from HopScotch, the Muses and Illusions are available at their respective main stores. Finally, Maha, the skin from Adam n Eve, will be released at the Skin Fair on the 15th of March.

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