Dangerous Beauty

April promises to be another great month for fans of fantasy-inspired clothing and accessories in Second Life, with several themed events about to open. I’ll look first at the new round of We Love Role-Play which is just around the corner. With the elaborate Chestlace piece from aisling and the cheeky Took an Arrow hair ornament from Bliensen+MaiTai, I felt inspired to create this rather dangerously seductive courtesan. After all, can you be sure those arrows are just hair ornaments? I am also wearing the second release from aisling for the event, the Hind shoes which are add-ons for the flat Slink feet.

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The Hind shoes come in a range of colours and are sold in pack of two colours each. The colours are set with a HUD and it includes four texture options for each colour, as well as options for either black or brown leather trim and soles. Since I am not really a high heels person, I love that people are making shoes for the flat Slink feet too, and these are versatile enough to work both for fantasy and more modern looks.

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The Chestlace (which consists of three pieces—the main chest piece and the two shoulder pieces) also comes with a HUD, giving you a choice between nine different metal looks. It comes with several sizes included, but the HUD also allows you to resize further. I am using the large size here.

It is a very intricate and beautifully executed piece, though you will probably find that fitting it over just any random mesh gown is likely to be difficult, so keep that in mind if you plan on using it for a particular look.

The hair ornament from Bliensen+MaiTai comes as either a corsage (seen here, and also available with 5 arrows instead of 3) or as a hairpin intended for a bun at the back of the head. Each variant also comes in either gold or silver.

The rest of the look consists of the Luna Velvet Skirt from Sn@tch, the Dream of Paradise hair from Exile and PXL’s Faith skin in Olive.

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