Garden Girl

We Love Role-Play is now open and I am working on another set of photos to showcase some more items from there, but I thought I would sneak in a post from a couple of gatcha events as well, namely the Love & War gatcha (open) and the Secret Affair gatcha (opens on the 6th), to show case a gown from Junbug and more jeweller/accessories from aisling. I also wanted to feature the orchard trees from Dysfunctional Designs which we picked up from the Home Show.

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The trees from Dysfunctional Designs are sold in a pack of two, citrus and apple, and each variant also includes scripting to change to four different fruit colours. The scripting also allows you to change the foliage for different seasons (and to take off the fruits for seasons where they don’t fit) and to change the look of the bark. At only 2 LI at the default size (which is nicely realistic) you can easily afford to use them to create a lovely orchard.

The Succubus gown from Junbug from the Love & War gatcha has quite the plunging neckline and, at the back, a beautiful big rosette a the the neck. The gowns are all either uncommon or rare, but for once I got lucky and managed to get two of them, the moss and the gold. Junbug continues to create really lovely pieces with a lot of attention paid to making the textures feel very realistic.

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I have recently started blogging for aisling and here I am showing one of their offerings for the Secret Affair gatcha, the Lady of Highgarden set. It consists of 9 commons (shoulder piece, bracer and hand ornament in 3 metals), 3 rare necklaces (one in each metal, with texture-change via a script for the flowers) and an ultra rare head piece which comes with a HUD for changing the metal as well as the colour of the flowers.

It is a stunningly intricate set and even if the full effect is very fantastical (I really like the drapery of the head piece over one eye), some pieces—such as the necklace and the hand ornaments—could be used with a more modern look as well.

It was a little tricky finding a hair that would fit under the head piece, but eventually I settled on Details from elikatira. My skin is Sunny from Tuli, which was out at the Skin Fair but I am not certain if it is in the store yet, and the poses are from Musa’s sets of gown poses.

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