Fantasy Faire: Starfall

The Fantasy Faire is just a few hours away now! I have had a chance to look through the sims and they are, as they have been the last year, wonderfully creative. And, of course, packed with some truly great creators. I have so many great outfits to show—this is the faire where mesh has broken through big time among fantasy creators—and I will be starting with the Muses. The amazingly productive Nephilaine Protagonist offers four new outfits for the faire, two for women and two for men.

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This outfit is called Starfall and it features some truly lush, intricate texturing. I am wearing it in Gold, because I can rarely resist that colour, but all the options are quite striking. The Silver colour has been set aside as one of the RFL items for the Muses.

The outfit consists of the mesh dress—the skirt, the thin central strap and the shoulder piece—and a mesh cloak, as well as the system layer top. In addition to this there are gloves and sleeve attachments, which I did not wear for this picture as I wanted a more bare look.

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And, as you can see, you can go a little barer still, which of course I couldn’t keep from doing.

The poses I am using are also from a Fantasy Faire creator; Musa. It is a store I am not familiar with from before but I was pleased to see a range of fantasy and gown poses—I’ve found myself in a bit of a “pose rut” lately, tired of the usual modelling poses. Musa also offers makeups.

You will find the Muses on the dark and gothic Crimson Fields sim and Musa on elegant and imposing Magnificat.

Other items used for these pictures were the Faith skin by PXL—including the new appliers for Slinks hands and feet—as well as the Ivette hair from Wasabi Pills and the Snowstars jewellery set from Tekeli-li.

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