A touch of something more modern before I disappear fully into a world of fantasy. HANDverk has a new furniture release out and I am quite thrilled by their decision to opt for a more realistic size from now one. I have always tried to create my shapes to more reasonable heights and I often find myself a bit dwarfed by the furniture in Second Life. Not so with these new pieces from HANDverk.

New is also the Patrice skin from Adam n Eve, which of course fits with sachi’s hand and feet appliers for Slink.

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The updated Barcelona Chair II is inspired by the designs of Mies van der Rohe. For this update it has been retextured and resized and it contains a total of 31 single and couples animations. Its a stylish, elegant piece that fits in with a range of modern surroundings.

The Patrice skin comes with the usual options for Adam n Eve; several brow colours, cleavage enhancer and dehancer, as well as dimples.  I am also wearing the Tee Dress in Dusky from One Bad Pixel. The sultry curls are from Magika.

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The matching Barcelona Couch is of course also inspired by a piece from Mies and it is the perfect complement to the chair and ottoman pairing. This piece comes with a total of 62 animations in the adult version.

In front of the couch you can also see the the Noguchi table, inspired by a piece by Isamu Noguchi.  The organic shape goes very well with the clean lines of the Barcelona pieces.

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Just a little peek at one of the couples animations on the couch; they get a lot more adult than this, as well, and there’s a nice variety of poses.

HANDverk recently opened their new flagship store, an all mesh construction to house both their accessories and their furniture. It looks great, so I would suggest paying it a visit to check out the new furniture releases.

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