Lust on the Runway

I can’t resist a sexy corset and the new Eros corset from Deviance definitely fits the bill. There’s a bit of fantasy element to it as well, with the studded hip skirt having almost an armoured feel, and that never hurts. I paired it with a skin from PXL, new hair from Ploom and accessories from lassitude & ennui and HANDverk. I am also using the newest prop from Glitterati, the Runway.

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A touch of something more modern before I disappear fully into a world of fantasy. HANDverk has a new furniture release out and I am quite thrilled by their decision to opt for a more realistic size from now one. I have always tried to create my shapes to more reasonable heights and I often find myself a bit dwarfed by the furniture in Second Life. Not so with these new pieces from HANDverk.

New is also the Patrice skin from Adam n Eve, which of course fits with sachi’s hand and feet appliers for Slink.

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Good Pixels

I’ve been doing a lot of fantasy looks of late, but the latest One Bad Pixel release as well as a new furniture set from HANDverk for The Men’s Department obviously lent itself to something very different. With it, I also have another preview of the Skin Fair, this time in the form of a new Tuli skin.

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HANDverk Skyboxes

HANDverk has released a pair of elegant low prim skyboxes in mesh, the single (14m x 32m) and double (27m x 32m) Longchamps. I am showing the single, which can fit in on a 512 sq.m. parcel. Given the fairly simplistic, scaled back look of the skyboxes, they could easily serve for both residential and commercial use. What charming little boutique couldn’t use a view of Paris through its windows, after all?

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