A Girl and her Dragon

The Secret Affair opened yesterday, featuring both brand new gatchas and brand new non-gatcha products. I have some concerns about an event themed around a copyrighted property and about some of the merchandise on sale, but I’ll stress that it is largely a matter of personal preference and of holding to the same rules that we apply on Westeros.org about not allowing any unlicensed A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones products to be advertised. Actually determining what would be considered a product based on A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones is a tricky matter (is it appearance, names - and if so which names - or a combination of elements?) and it is very possible that I am erring on the side of caution.

But, enough about that. I did go to the event and fortunately I found that the one item I just had to have wasn’t a gatcha! The Wyrmling from Alchemy is my new favourite item in Second Life and I don’t ever want to detach him. Alchemy has put out some really cool-looking attachable, animated pets before such as ravens and wolves (now kicking myself that I missed the latter at the Red Riding Hood event), but the Wyrmling definitely takes the cake.

Also in this post, also from the Secret Affair, a stunning gatcha gown from Junbug and a lovely braid from Calico.

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Garden Girl

We Love Role-Play is now open and I am working on another set of photos to showcase some more items from there, but I thought I would sneak in a post from a couple of gatcha events as well, namely the Love & War gatcha (open) and the Secret Affair gatcha (opens on the 6th), to show case a gown from Junbug and more jeweller/accessories from aisling. I also wanted to feature the orchard trees from Dysfunctional Designs which we picked up from the Home Show.

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Dashing Heights

Historically-themed clothing always catches my interest, but not all of it takes my fancy…. but at the Seraphim Social event, which had a “Pride and Prejudice” theme, I came across this terrific ensemble from Heathcliff, Junbug Mantel’s line of male mesh clothing. From head to toe, the outfit is very sharp indeed, capturing early 18th century style very well indeed.

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Captivated by Dutchie

The latest release from Dutchie might look deceptively simple at first, but with that simplicity comes a lot of fun and flexibility. The mesh wall rings are full of quality animations and can be set into any wall, allowing great flexibility in the sort of scenario you might want to use them for. Use the shiny rings for a more polished, comfortable surrounding and use the rusty versions for that bare stone wall in a dark dungeon. Your imagination is the only limitation.

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Late Night Drinks

Trompe Loeil’s first release of the year is the Dragon & Orchid Home Pub for FaMESHed. It comes in a PG and an Adult version (no, the difference isn’t that the PG version only serves soda) and as usual I went with the latter. And then I had the idea of using the Ice Queen’s Coat from Junbug and, well, very little else…

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Lady Mistletoe

There’s a veritable cornucopia of events going on right now and I have already been treating myself to quite a few early Christmas presents. For example,Junbug’s new release for Genre’s Victorian round, Lady Mistletoe. I really like metallic detailing on this gown, it makes it very festive, though I do have to point out that the red can come out quite different with materials enabled (as in these photos) compared to when not; it all comes down to the light settings used. My favourite part of this ensemble, however, may be that it actually consists of a corset with an add-on skirt, which is a nice way of adding some flexibility into how you can wear your mesh.

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