A Girl and her Dragon

The Secret Affair opened yesterday, featuring both brand new gatchas and brand new non-gatcha products. I have some concerns about an event themed around a copyrighted property and about some of the merchandise on sale, but I’ll stress that it is largely a matter of personal preference and of holding to the same rules that we apply on Westeros.org about not allowing any unlicensed A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones products to be advertised. Actually determining what would be considered a product based on A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones is a tricky matter (is it appearance, names - and if so which names - or a combination of elements?) and it is very possible that I am erring on the side of caution.

But, enough about that. I did go to the event and fortunately I found that the one item I just had to have wasn’t a gatcha! The Wyrmling from Alchemy is my new favourite item in Second Life and I don’t ever want to detach him. Alchemy has put out some really cool-looking attachable, animated pets before such as ravens and wolves (now kicking myself that I missed the latter at the Red Riding Hood event), but the Wyrmling definitely takes the cake.

Also in this post, also from the Secret Affair, a stunning gatcha gown from Junbug and a lovely braid from Calico.

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But first, lets talk a bit more about the Wyrmling. He’s available in this limited edition colour at the Secret Affair and your purchase includes an attachable and a rezzable version. Both are copy and mod so you can do what I’ve done here and size him up from the default size, which is rather smaller than what you see in these pictures. You can also move him around in relation to yourself to capture just the right angle for a photo.

The Wyrmling is 100% mesh and from what I can tell the animation effect is achieved by there being multiple copies of, for example, the wings which are made visible/invisible in a scripted sequence. It is very clever and looks fantastic. The model for the Wyrmling is very well made and the texturing is excellent, with subtle and appropriate use of materials on top of it. If there’s more colours released, I will have a hard time avoiding getting them all!

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The stunning gown is one of the rares from the Junbug gatcha. This is the North and South colour combination and I could not have been happier when it dropped. As always, the modelling and the texturing is top notch. It is a striking, unique design which really captures the inspiration without being too literal.

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For the final shot, I wanted to show off the back of the Dae hair by Calico, which is just the perfect braid for a medieval/fantasy look. I love the front of it, with the soft tendrils on the side, and the back is just untidy enough to work for a lady who dressed up for court but ended up doing something or other that was a little too active—like riding a dragon!

I am wearing my favourite very pale skin, Pixie from the Skin Shop in tone 03, with gorgeous purple mesh eyes from Mayfly. The poses are from Musa’s Fantasy and Gown collections and from a LAP set of gown poses.

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