A Special Alchemy

Gatchas are wicked things. I continue to try an exercise restraint (but that doesn’t mean I haven’t ended up with a bunch of duplicates for sale), because for the most part I really would prefer paying more and knowing what I get, but sometimes you end up fooled into thinking you are an extra lucky person who of course will get just what you want… But don’t believe that feeling, it is always a lie.

Case in point? The Alchemy gatcha at the Secret Affair. I just wanted one of the common iron crowns. By the time I had used up my self-imposed limit for that machine, I had ended up with one common (but not the one I wanted, of course), the rare and the ultra rare. So, lucky indeed, but not what I had originally been after! However, since the rare and the ultra rare are incredible works of art, I do have to show them to you, even if it feels like a terrible tease.

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The inspiration for the Hear me Roar headdress is plain from the name, but the design is wholly unique and strikes me as having something of an Asian flavour. The modelling of the lion head is just stunning, both Ran and I were utterly amazed by it as we were setting up these photos.

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The second of the two headdresses is called Mother of Dragons and again I feel there’s something of an Asian inspiration to how this dragon head is modelled and the decorations on it. This one is much more fantastical, however, and could have walked straight out of a Sword & Sorcery movie.

Alchemy is doing some really eye-catching fantasy items lately and I don’t doubt you will be seeing more of them here on the blog. The rest of the look for these photos consists of the Pixie skin from the Skin Shop, hair and hairbase from Amacci (hair designers, with all these headdresses, crowns and so on being released, we really need more close-fitting hairs and updos, or why not hairbases + attachments), the Melisandre necklace from deviousMind (also a Secret Affair gatcha, with beautiful use of materials) and the Succubus gown from Junbug (a Love & War gatcha). The poses are from oOo Studios.

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