Moonlit Love

Ever since Ran and I started renting a full sim, home & garden items have become a more significant part of the blog. The latest move in that direction is that I’ve started blogging for Roawenwood, a brand whose rustic, roleplay-oriented items have been on my radar for a while. The set we’re looking at today is out now for We Love Role-Play at 30% off and its perfect for cold winter nights.

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The center-piece of the Tarkhan set is the Great Stone Bed, a large circular bed draped with fabrics and furs and strewn with pillows. Here you can get up to all sorts of fun with your lover(s), as the bed includes a total of 415 animations distributed over 26 menus. Both Ran and I were quite impressed with the chosen animations as there’s nice variety and they fit our avatars quite well (not always the case when you’re not the SL average). The bed being circular also offered a lot of interesting possibilities in terms of angles to take photos from.

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Providing some cosy illumination for the scene are the candelabras. There’s two version, each with a slightly different arrangement, which is always nice for creating a more natural way of furnishing a room. They have scripted access control as well as day & night control.

Not seen in these pictures are the matching wall scones,which come in a shorter and a taller version and look really great on rustic walls.

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The final piece of the set is the large, rustic fireplace, the perfect focal point of the room. It is modify, so if you find it a little too large at the default size, you can shrink it down to fit a variety of rooms. It comes with some nice scripted options for different looks to the fire, sound on and off and access control. The ledges on the side of the fireplace would be perfect for various decorations, especially if you want to make it holiday ready.

My hair is also from We Love Role-Play, it is the Italia hair from Damselfly, which is a mostly loose style with a bit of hair tied back and braided. The skin is Maya from Tuli. Ran is wearing the Jaden hair from Wasabi Pills and the Rufus skin from Birth and we have the scene setup in one of the medieval houses from Fanatik.

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