Räven Raskar Över Isen…

Apologies for the random Swedish, but with Christmas closing in and adorable foxes from Jian for We Love Role-Play to review, my mind turned to a particular Swedish Christmas song. It does not, however, involve any naked frost fairies!

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Moonlit Love

Ever since Ran and I started renting a full sim, home & garden items have become a more significant part of the blog. The latest move in that direction is that I’ve started blogging for Roawenwood, a brand whose rustic, roleplay-oriented items have been on my radar for a while. The set we’re looking at today is out now for We Love Role-Play at 30% off and its perfect for cold winter nights.

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In Another Realm

October 10th will see the opening of a new yearly event, Mystic Realms Faire. Two sims full of inspired creators offering skins, hair, clothing, accessories, furnishings, etc. The fantasy/roleplay field is probably starting to become oversaturated, both in terms of events and in terms of releases, but I admit that I still find that a welcome change from when there was hardly anything of that kind to be had. Still, it does mean that I get a bit pickier (not to say I wasn’t a bit picky before) and that I look more and more for things that show that extra bit of creativity that sets them apart from the rest.

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