In Another Realm

October 10th will see the opening of a new yearly event, Mystic Realms Faire. Two sims full of inspired creators offering skins, hair, clothing, accessories, furnishings, etc. The fantasy/roleplay field is probably starting to become oversaturated, both in terms of events and in terms of releases, but I admit that I still find that a welcome change from when there was hardly anything of that kind to be had. Still, it does mean that I get a bit pickier (not to say I wasn’t a bit picky before) and that I look more and more for things that show that extra bit of creativity that sets them apart from the rest.

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The Calion outfit (and the matching Calion boots) from the Muses is one of those ensembles with “extra everything”. I am actually not even wearing the whole outfit here - there’s clothing layer mail to cover the upper body. After I had put on everything else and was about to take off my mesh body, I looked it over and realised I liked the wildness of it like this. What I am wearing is the skirt, the corset, the straps, the collar, the pauldrons, the bracers and the cloak. The set comes with a HUD for the skirt and for the cloak, allowing you a choice of eight fabric colours, and you can buy the set in either black or brown leather.

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Damselfly is a hair store that I have been aware of for a number of years, but which I had neglected to look closely at after mesh became the thing for hair. However, now they have definitely caught my attention with the Sancia hair. I think this is a really cool take on a windblown hair; I’ve seen several blown to just one side, but not tangled in front of the face like this. Perfect for this sort of fantasy look, I think.

The spear is from the much-missed Tekeli-li store—I so wish he was still creating new things, but his older stuff holds up really well—and I am wearing the Siobhan skin from Adam n Eve and a set of Mayfly’s mesh eyes.

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