Räven Raskar Över Isen…

Apologies for the random Swedish, but with Christmas closing in and adorable foxes from Jian for We Love Role-Play to review, my mind turned to a particular Swedish Christmas song. It does not, however, involve any naked frost fairies!

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The Red Fox Family by Jian, on sale for 30% off the regular price at We Love Role-Play, includes two static adults and two static kits, as well as one animated adult and one animated kit. The Fox’s Fallen Tree, with part of the family cosily snuggled up in a tree stump that offers several texture options, is Jian’s gift to members of the We Love Role-Play group.

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The skin is part of Fallen Gods releases for We Love Role-Play. The Ice skin is available for male and female avatars and both in a pure and frost (seen here) version. The range of mesh body parts supported is very extensive, both for the male and the female skin.

Fallen Gods is also offering gift items as well as an item in the L$10 hunt; these are tattoo layers on a matching frost/ice theme for your hands and feet.

The hair is once again Damselfly’s Italia, also for We Love Role-Play and the forest is made up of Studio Skye’s pine forest.

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