Sword-Maiden of the North

It is almost We Love Role-Play time and in addition to a great line-up of items for sale, there is also a hunt and a bunch of gifts. In this post, I am showing items from Noble Creations, ieQED and lassitude & ennui. At the same time, that always-frustrating gacha, the Arcade, is also going on and even though I stuck to a single machine my budget went out the window without a completion. Fortunately, the set in question—MadPea‘s Return of the Light—included some pretty cool pieces for use on their own.

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Lets start with the gacha. Return of the Light is a set of props for a ritual in a stone circle, complete with a little story that describes the purpose of the ritual. There’s 2 rares, the stone circle (which I managed to get) and the altar (which has eluded me), and 19 rares, including 8 nifty swords. If you get the stone circle, the altar and all the swords as well as the Mirror of Darkness, you are able to start the ritual. Alas, I can’t describe it to you because I have not been able to complete the set, but the stone circle itself is pretty nifty when it is rezzed and I expect to get some milage out of the swords as well.

Such as in these photos, where the stone circle, rezzed among my wintry trees by Studio Skye, proved to be a fine backdrop for showing off the, ahem, outfit I assembled with the We Love Role-Play items. Starting from the bottom, we have the Battleworn Boots by lassitude & ennui, here in Bronze. They are available in all sorts of different fits and sizes, including for men, yay, and they look seriously badass.

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The harness is by ieQED and is seasonally-appropriate with little snowflakes decorating the chains and dangling from the nipple rings, which are a gift in the hunt.

The dashing cloak is one of releases by Noble Creations for this round. It is another item available both for male and female avatar and I really like how they have done the pauldrons, to allow them to work even with an arm pose like this one. There’s two metal options for the pauldrons and three cloth options for the cloak.

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And then just one more because I liked how it looked with the Chi hair from Analog Dog.

The skin is Imogen from Imabee and the poses are a mix of sword poses from various sets bu ADORKable and Glitterati.

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