Enthroned Again

A throne makes a much better statement than chair, don’t you think? Though, admittedly, they don’t tend to be that comfortable; I’ve tried out a few of the Iron Throne replicas at various events and they could definitely use some padding. Still, something about sitting on a throne—especially when dressed for the occasion—- makes me want to start giving commands. It is probably a good idea that the only thrones I actually own are virtual, like this Iron Queen Throne from Entity for the current round of Genre. That’s also where you can get a hold of the tapestries from Dysfunctionality, which are something I’ve missed in Second Life for a long time.

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The beautiful Eden gown in the black & red brocade is a We Love Role-Play special from The Muses, available for only L$95. There’s also a very well-priced HUD-driven fatpack of the same gown in brighter colours. It comes in three fitmesh sizes and the texturing is really quite striking.

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The Thora hair is by Calico for the current round of Totally Top Shelf. There’s a matching male hair called Thor and both come with a HUD with three metal options for the bands on the hair.

The Pentacle pendant is another We Love Role-Play release, this one from lassitude & ennui. There are four metal options and five stone colours and it has materials enabled.

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I just had to include a close-up of the gorgeous “Magic of Spring” egg from Libertine for the Magic of Oz Easter Egg Hunt which is running until Friday the 8th. Libertine’s prizes include both the special collectable egg and a set of beautiful cabinets and display cases for the egg collection (more eggs are available in a gacha on the Magic of Oz sim). The cabinets are excellent for other purposes as well, but the eggs are true works of art.

For my skin I am back in Adam n Eve’s Rebecca, released at the Skin Fair and now available in the mainstore.

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