Enthroned Again

A throne makes a much better statement than chair, don’t you think? Though, admittedly, they don’t tend to be that comfortable; I’ve tried out a few of the Iron Throne replicas at various events and they could definitely use some padding. Still, something about sitting on a throne—especially when dressed for the occasion—- makes me want to start giving commands. It is probably a good idea that the only thrones I actually own are virtual, like this Iron Queen Throne from Entity for the current round of Genre. That’s also where you can get a hold of the tapestries from Dysfunctionality, which are something I’ve missed in Second Life for a long time.

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Desert Dancer

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens today, so prepare to be frustrated once again as you try to win those must-have pieces. I can almost guarantee that the set from aisling that I am featuring here will be the cause of some of that frustration, because it is quite gorgeous. Fortunately, even the commons are utterly stunning and very wearable on their own.

I am also showing a bit of a house from Entity, which is a store I found just yesterday through Plurk and which I will definitely be keeping an eye on from now on.

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