The Horned One

I am not out of the woods yet. In fact, I am not sure that I will be able to get the woods out of me this time, thanks to Alia Baroque’s newest release for We Love Role-Play. Fallen Gods is offering both a new set of Wood Nymph skins (for men and women) and several new tattoos with a very green theme. I thought they were a great match for The Plastik’s offering for the same event, a set of impressive horns with an optional braid for fitting them to your existing hair.

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The Zaida horns come, as always with the Plastik, in an impressive array of colour options and versions. Each purchase includes five different horn textures, with and without the braid, plus a HUD for the hair colour with 70 different textures.

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The Wood Nymph skins come in spring and summer versions (I am wearing spring) and feature a bark-like skin texture that looks quite amazing on a mesh body. Slink and Omega appliers are included, for both body and head. The facial tattoos come only as tattoo layers, but the unisex body tattoo has appliers as well and it really makes great use of the added detail allowed by mesh. These tattoos can be worn with the nymph skins or with a regular skin.

The deer is from Jian (sized up to a more fantastical size) and the woods are the pine forest by Studio Skye.

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