Nothing But Jewels

The Jewelry Fair is here again, with four sims full of goodies to temp any treasure-hoarding dragon…or jewellry-obsessed blogger. Benefiting the Oxfam International charity, via a charity auction, special charity pieces from each designer and gatcha machines, it opens to the public tomorrow. Then you will be able to explore sims inspired by the four elements—Air, Water, Fire and Earth—and see some great pieces from a large selection of SL jewellers.

My first post on the fair features a striking statement piece from Kunglers which is paired with an equally striking hair from Wasabi Pill and a lovely skin from a new brand called RocoQue.

The Jewelry Fair opens tomorrow, September 16th, and runs until September 25th. As always, expect lag to start with and reduce your own footprint as much as possible by wearing low-prim outfits. And look out for more posts, I’ve just gotten started!

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