Tekeli-li News & Sale

A new jewellery set from Tekeli-li is always a treat for me and even more so now that they are made in mesh. That means gorgeous details and hardly any prims/land impact at all. It also means easy resizing, since these are not rigged pieces. In fact, since they’re generally a single mesh, you can even size them in a single direction at a time, should you need to really fine-tune the fit.

All of that, of course, is just icing on the cake; Tekeli-li jewellery is always both beautiful and unique and something that I love to find an occasion to photo.

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The Sacrifice

Another round of Zodiac started yesterday and it is, of course, time for Scorpio. Being one myself, I’ve looked forward to this one since this event started. And let me tell you, it does not disappoint; there’s some fabulous offerings available for this round.

I think I am going to take a stab at showing different aspects of Scorpio, especially ones I identify with. For the first set of image, I took inspiration from the Serket’s Servant necklace from A.S.S. and pondered who might wear that.


I am still blogging my way through Cinema, but as the flu has struck my photographer, this post will be a little more modest in size. And in content, too, admittedly. Not a nipple in sight.

What you do have in sight, however, is a lovely bustier dress from Perception and poses from the Classic Elegance set by Exposeur.

A Private Invitation

It isn’t often that you get such a treat, but the skin I am wearing today is a new version of an old favourite; Zarya from Skin Within. It is available at Flawless Summer Lovin’ Sale for just L$50!

I am also wearing a drop-dead gorgeous new jewellery set from Earthstones and the mesh sari from {bilo} that came out some weeks ago.

Springtime Romance

From Insolence comes a fresh, spring-inspired lingerie set called Mary, offered in light colours such as the cream seen here. Cotton with a touch of lace makes for a sweet, romantic look that pairs well with the newest mesh hair from Wasabi Pills.

A Red and White Wedding

What else to call a post that combines some fabulous new mesh adornments inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire from Tekeli-li—both jewellery and a hairstyle, at that—and another limited edition wedding gown from Nomine? The gown, btw, is due to be retired in a few days, so make sure to check it out soon!

Summer Beauties

I still have quite a few things to cover that I picked up at various recent events even as there are even more events opening. Whew. We’re certainly spoilt for choice right now, and that’s even with me not able to wear most of the mesh out there. But now the deformer seems to be shaping up too, so maybe that will change soon enough.

That is a digression, however. Let us have a look at some sexy lingerie from Zaara, some pretty mesh jewellery from Maxi Gossamer, a new skin from Adam n Eve and some makeup from M.O.C.K. Oh, and some lovely, lovely furniture from Rustica.

Green is the new Gray

The last weeks have been crazy, but I finally managed to squeeze in some photography today to cover some new releases, an on-going event and an upcoming event. Phew.

The on-going event is Wear Gray for a Day which benefits the American Brain Tumor Association. I am not exactly wearing gray, but I am wearing an eyeshadow from elymode that’s one of the donation items for the fair. The capris with mesh attachments are also from elymode and are available in two special colours for the event.

The upcoming event that I want to make note of is Pose Fair 2012 which will run from Sunday April 15th to April 30th and showcase 120 vendors across two sims. Lately, I’ve been playing a lot with furniture with built-in poses and animations, such as these chairs from our patisserie by Alchemy Immortalis.

A Perfect Fit

My clothing shopping is a bit more limited these days, in part due to mesh. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry about the fit with the latest release from Zaara, a gorgeous and romantic set of lacey lingerie which will flatter your figure and show off your curves. Zaara’s attention to details is superb, as always, and the texturing at the very top of what SL has to offer. The way it combines class and sex appeal is also spot on.

Deirdre of the Sorrows

Alchemy Immortalis has done it again. That is, released a must-have jewellery collection. It is called “Deirdre of the Sorrows” and it is inspired by legendary Irish lovers, Deirdre and Naoise. The center-piece is a stunning, unisex ring but you can pick up a wide array of complimentary pieces as well.

Of course I had to shoot these pieces on their lovely Empress and Hierophant sim. I also needed a fabulous new red hair to go with the jewellery, which ended up being Truth’s new mesh release, Parisa.

Fashion for Life: Summery

With the Zarah necklace from Bliensen + MaiTai and the Bindi top from Sn@tch, both from Fashion for Life, the end result is a bit of a summery, bohemian look.

Fashion for Life: Innocent?

For my second Fashion for Life-post, I’ve paired some stunning new jewellery from Earthstones with a sexy silk from Solange.

Fashion for Life: Chained

Fashion for Life is back again, for the 6th year running. From March 10th to March 20th you can shop until you drop on NINE sims full of fabulous fashion. Best of all, you can contribute to the SL Relay for Life which collects money for the American Cancer Society.

I am going to start off with a focus on jewelry, because every gorgeous outfit needs that perfect finishing touch. Of course, in my first set of photos, the lovely hip chain in unrigged mesh from Maxi Gossamer is left to accessorize just the lovely, brand-new Tasha skin from Adam n Eve.


The second round of FLUX has started and the theme for this month is taxidermy. This has sparked some distinctly unusual and quirky creations that could inspire some very neat photography as well as some very fun, wearable items such as this mesh skirt from elymode and the jewellery set from Schadenfreude. I am also wearing a new mesh hair from Wasabi Pills for the March Mesh Madness event.

Short, but Sinful

The very cool Festival of Sin opened this Saturday. After my initial preview post, I had hoped to have more photos out during the weekend, but it proved much too hectic as myself and my partner (who of course happens to be my blog partner and photographer as well) spent the weekend in London shooting a little something for HBO UK to promote the upcoming DVD release of Game of Thrones. I didn’t even manage to post this one shot we did just before taking off, featuring the Sin-exclusive releases from Sn@tch and Dark Mouse.