Tekeli-li News & Sale

A new jewellery set from Tekeli-li is always a treat for me and even more so now that they are made in mesh. That means gorgeous details and hardly any prims/land impact at all. It also means easy resizing, since these are not rigged pieces. In fact, since they’re generally a single mesh, you can even size them in a single direction at a time, should you need to really fine-tune the fit.

All of that, of course, is just icing on the cake; Tekeli-li jewellery is always both beautiful and unique and something that I love to find an occasion to photo.

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The wonderfully organic Alluvium set was inspired by polished stones on a riverbed and with the usual scripted customisations you can make the metal into a wide array of colours and control the gems either as five separate groups or all together. I actually went and did some hand-editing for this particular set; by default, the gems are opaque, but since they reminded me of stained glass, I made them 50% transparent for a very ethereal impression.

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I paired the set with the lovely Nephilim skin from Nomine (pretty much my go-to skin for these sort of looks) and an gown from Laughing Academy, created what feels like ages ago for the Black Swan fashion event.

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All the photos are taken at the wonderful World’s End Garden sim which offers numerous unique photo locations.

If a new release isn’t enough to send you running over to Tekeli-li, how about a Halloween sale and some really nifty gifts? Through November 1st, everything in the store is at 50% off. Given Tekeli-lis already pretty amazing prices, that is a complete steal. Make sure to load up on a few full jewellery sets and some cool avatars for Halloween. You can also get a pair of hairs in special Halloween colours.

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