The Sacrifice

Another round of Zodiac started yesterday and it is, of course, time for Scorpio. Being one myself, I’ve looked forward to this one since this event started. And let me tell you, it does not disappoint; there’s some fabulous offerings available for this round.

I think I am going to take a stab at showing different aspects of Scorpio, especially ones I identify with. For the first set of image, I took inspiration from the Serket’s Servant necklace from A.S.S. and pondered who might wear that.

Have Some Faith

I find that unlike a couple of years ago, I am not spoilt for choice when it comes to new, great skins that suit my tastes. There’s a lot of new releases, true, but there’s also a lot of releases that fall within a fairly narrow range of style. Fortunately, there are still some very distinct skins out there. One such is the fresh release from Hart Larsson of PXL, a beauty called Faith. I decided to focus on the two new tones added to the range with this release, Olive and Ebony. You’ll see both side-by-side in this first shot, though the rest of the shots are using the Olive tone, which is my new favourite from PXL. These shots do use Windlight and shadows, so make sure to demo the skin yourself to see how the tones look in your preferred lighting.

Other new items featured in this post come from Cynful (for My Attic), lassitude & ennui (for L’Accessoire and the If I Were Rich hunt) and Bent (for the Archie Appeal fundraiser).

A Vintage Story

Vintage Fair 2012 opens in just a few minutes and the three sims will be offering shoppers a huge array of vintage-flavoured products, from avatar accessories to props and furnishings of all kinds. I was lucky enough to get a preview of some great hairs from Wasabi Pills as well as two fabulous props from LostAngel. Both Ran and I are also wearing new skins; he’s wearing the male Nephilim skin from Nomine and I am wearing the Hollywood skin from Adam n Eve, another Vintage Fair release.


Munchflower Zaius of Nomine has been creating skins in Second Life for as long as I’ve been around and then some. But now she has announced that the brand-new Nephilim line will be her final line of non-fantasy skins. That alone is a good reason to try these skins out, but an even better reason is the fact that these are really lovely skins. And if you like your skins pale or even paler than pale, you are in for a treat. The Nephilim line comes in six shades, with at least three of these being paler than what many skin makers offer as their lightest tone.

A Pale Princess

Gorgeous gowns are a necessary element of a Fantasy Faire. Every self-respecting lady and ethereal elven maiden needs to be dressed appropriately, after all. On the Shifting Sands sim, you’ll find Kouse’s Sanctum and a wide variety of very lovely gowns.

I am also wearing a Fantasy Faire skin from ND/MD Skins & Shapes.

Green is the new Gray

The last weeks have been crazy, but I finally managed to squeeze in some photography today to cover some new releases, an on-going event and an upcoming event. Phew.

The on-going event is Wear Gray for a Day which benefits the American Brain Tumor Association. I am not exactly wearing gray, but I am wearing an eyeshadow from elymode that’s one of the donation items for the fair. The capris with mesh attachments are also from elymode and are available in two special colours for the event.

The upcoming event that I want to make note of is Pose Fair 2012 which will run from Sunday April 15th to April 30th and showcase 120 vendors across two sims. Lately, I’ve been playing a lot with furniture with built-in poses and animations, such as these chairs from our patisserie by Alchemy Immortalis.

Fashion for Life: Chained

Fashion for Life is back again, for the 6th year running. From March 10th to March 20th you can shop until you drop on NINE sims full of fabulous fashion. Best of all, you can contribute to the SL Relay for Life which collects money for the American Cancer Society.

I am going to start off with a focus on jewelry, because every gorgeous outfit needs that perfect finishing touch. Of course, in my first set of photos, the lovely hip chain in unrigged mesh from Maxi Gossamer is left to accessorize just the lovely, brand-new Tasha skin from Adam n Eve.

Short, but Sinful

The very cool Festival of Sin opened this Saturday. After my initial preview post, I had hoped to have more photos out during the weekend, but it proved much too hectic as myself and my partner (who of course happens to be my blog partner and photographer as well) spent the weekend in London shooting a little something for HBO UK to promote the upcoming DVD release of Game of Thrones. I didn’t even manage to post this one shot we did just before taking off, featuring the Sin-exclusive releases from Sn@tch and Dark Mouse.

The First Sin

Are you ready to sin? The Festival of Sin begins this Saturday, the 18th of February, and offers a sim full of delightful vices. Whether you are feeling Lustful or Wrathful or if you favour another poison, there’s bound to be something for you. I’m in the middle of packing for a trip over the weekend, but of course I had to make sure to shoot some of my favourite finds so far; the Carnal dress from Solange, the makeups from elymode, the shoes from Ingenue and the poses from Adorkable. There’s also a glimpse of the necklace from Caroline’s Jewelry, but I’ll need a closeup of that later on.

Festive Flux

Flux is a new themed event with a great collection of talented creators taking part. The first installment is running from February 1st to February 27th and is Mardi Gras-themed. So, lots of green, purple and gold and plenty of festive items. I’ll be showing just a few examples in this first post, featuring designs from Sn@tch, Somnia and Schadenfreude. I am also wearing the latest skin from Adam n Eve and a new mesh hair from Wasabi Pills.

Dreaming in Space

This blog has definitely been living up to its name lately, with assorted otherworldly creatures being featured. And there’s more, since has released another batch of very unusual skins. Darker versions of the Fae skins, additional Neko skins and something distinctly more Sci-Fi than Fantasy, Android skins. If you want a low-prim way to a fantastic look, check these out.

Slithering About

I promised some more looks at the new skins from Nomine, and here’s the second one, the Reptile skin. This is something very different from your usual skin fare.

Midnight Fae

Feel like slipping out of your human skin and into something very different? Then you should head over to Nomine to check out the latest release from Munchflower: a range of truly imaginative skins for several fantastical creatures. You can become a dazzling Fae, a lovely Mermaid, a feral Neko or a scaled, slithery Reptile.

The Fae skin inspired me to head over to the beautiful Chakryn Forest and I hope to bring you a look at the other fantasy skins in coming posts. Of course, you can also take a look at them on the Nomine webpage.


A touch (or rather more) of decadence is never wrong and the Marquis set from Libertine by Alia Baroque (best known as the creator behind Fallen Gods) delivers just that. It is a sumptuous furniture ensemble packed with animations, from elegant and languid sits (including plenty of sits for male avatars) to steamy threesomes. There are also many props included, some just for decorative purposes and others to be used with some of the animations. For those who prefer to keep their animations mature rather than adult, a version with just those poses is also included for each piece of furniture.

We’re starting off the photos rather tame, but it gets a little steamer inside. And do click through to the larger versions; I wanted to show these in the full width so they had to be sized down quite a bit to fit on the blog.

Etheria, Take Two

Etheria 2 ends today, so if you have yet to check out the lovely clothing and jewelry on offer, make sure to head over there soon. I am wearing the My Lady Love set from Dark Mouse, just one of several beautiful jewelry sets designed for the event by the various participants.

You will also get a look at the brand-new Harper skin from Adam n Eve, a corset from Sn@tch and the new boots from lassitude & ennui, as well as a new prop from Glitterati.