Five by Five

When it came to flexi curls, Analog Dog used to be my hair crack of choice. These days, Queue Marlowe mainly produces hairs for her newer line, Point B, and I have to admit that I haven’t been as enamoured with these styles. In part, I miss the Analog Dog colours (especially the reds!), and in part it is due to mesh, which obviously doesn’t lend itself as well to flowing curls. However, I do check out every new release, and the latest one included the Five style, which became an instant favourite. I love long hairs that work both for modern looks and more fantastical looks, and this style definitely fits the bill. This is just what I want to see from mesh hair.

I am also wearing the new Adam n Eve skin once again; if you haven’t already demoed Carolyn, what are you waiting for?

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Strapped In

The Scorpio round of Zodiac is still going strong and this time I am showing the sensual side of this sign. Scorpios are often said to be very sexual and what better way to show that off than a corset from Perception paired with a long, luxurious hair from Alice Project?

Just Dance

LostAngel just keeps coming up with fun and unusual pose props! For this round of FAIR, LostAngel has released the Dance-Box. Each FAIR designer gets a time of the day to be inspired by, and this one is for 3 AM.

My hair is also a new release, the gorgeous All for Love style from Exile for the My Attic event.


I am still blogging my way through Cinema, but as the flu has struck my photographer, this post will be a little more modest in size. And in content, too, admittedly. Not a nipple in sight.

What you do have in sight, however, is a lovely bustier dress from Perception and poses from the Classic Elegance set by Exposeur.

Now Playing: Spellbound

Have you been to Cinema yet? It is busy still, but the smart layout makes it easy to navigate even with a low draw-distance, so give it a try as soon as there’s room.

This hair from Alice Project, Willow, called for a wind-swept vista. So, I ended up on the Alchemy Immortalis sims, which always seems to inspire me towards fantasy. I also wanted to some way to show off those gorgeous mesh hands from Slink again, and what better way than to show how well they work with holding items and with action poses?

Now Playing: Ill-Met in Lankhmar

A dangerous city, two daring rouges and a stolen medallion with reputed sorcerous powers. The stage is set for high adventure!

And the credits go to lassitude & ennui, whose Cinema exclusives include these fabulous Embroidered mesh boots—for men and women!—and the lovely Queen’s gambit necklace.

Now Playing: Sin City

Cinema by the Hottie Cooterati Experience, opens on the 13th of October. In a fabulous mesh build which really takes you to the cinema you will experience themed items from six genres;  romance, action/adventure, scifi, horror, fantasy/musical, film noir and XXX. Clothing, poses, furniture, you can find it all there, plus much more. The build is amazing and the layout of each theme easily browsed.

I hope to do quite a few Cinema-focused posts and I am kicking it off with a dark little story that leads a romance down the film noir path, featuring a corrupt man of the law and a femme fatale making a serious mistake.

Make a Wish

Wishbox is having a big sale, with reductions on single purchases as well as packs. This proved the perfect excuse for me to pick up a lovely fantasy gown, which I haven’t done in quite a while. I am also wearing a brand-new hair from Amacci and the pale and lovely Nephilim skin from Nomine.

Hair, Glorious Hair

Mesh clothing and I may not always get along, but mesh hair and I have quite the love affair. In fact, since mesh came out, I have probably bought at least three or four times as many hairs as pieces of clothing. Just call me Lady Godiva.

This week there were entirely too many tempting mesh hairs released and it was with great difficulty that I limited myself to a new release each from Exile and LeLutka.

So Baroque

A new round of Collabor88 has just started. It is the 1 year anniversary for the event so there’s an extra large number of creators participating and the opulent theme for this month is Baroque. No wonder I found more than a few things to take home, such as a new Trompe Loeil prefab, a gorgeous corset from Ingenue, hair from elikatira and a Glam Affair skin.

A Vintage Story

Vintage Fair 2012 opens in just a few minutes and the three sims will be offering shoppers a huge array of vintage-flavoured products, from avatar accessories to props and furnishings of all kinds. I was lucky enough to get a preview of some great hairs from Wasabi Pills as well as two fabulous props from LostAngel. Both Ran and I are also wearing new skins; he’s wearing the male Nephilim skin from Nomine and I am wearing the Hollywood skin from Adam n Eve, another Vintage Fair release.

Give Me a Sign

On July 23rd, Zodiac opens. A new monthly, themed event (have I mentioned I love themed events?) centered around the Zodiac. I am already looking forward to Scorpio very expectantly, but first up is Leo. And for that sign, Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe has made a lion which she very kindly gave me a preview of.

Also, don’t forget that Hair Fair is still going strong; the hair I am wearing is one of Wasabi Pills mesh hairs for the event.

Hair Fair - Alice Project

We finally got some actual sunlight here in Sweden, but last night I did manage to shoot some more Hair Fair 2012 photos, this time to feature a few hairs from Alice Project on the Hair Fair - Flower sim.

First, however, I really have to congratulate the team behind the Hair Fair for this years build. I am on a pretty poor connection while on vacation and my laptop isn’t all that great, but I was actually able to pop in and grab a few things as long as I kept my draw distance down. Things seem to rezz very well and the layout is easy to navigate. Plus, it looks great.


Munchflower Zaius of Nomine has been creating skins in Second Life for as long as I’ve been around and then some. But now she has announced that the brand-new Nephilim line will be her final line of non-fantasy skins. That alone is a good reason to try these skins out, but an even better reason is the fact that these are really lovely skins. And if you like your skins pale or even paler than pale, you are in for a treat. The Nephilim line comes in six shades, with at least three of these being paler than what many skin makers offer as their lightest tone.

Hair Fair - Leverocci

On the Hair Fair - Garden sim you will find Leverocci and from them comes the second hairstyle I’ve chosen to feature from Hair Fair 2012. It is another long mesh style, this one with a bit of femme fatale feel, and since Leverocci offers a mix pack with selected colours I was able to get my hands on a range of options for a good price. But it had to be a red for this shot.