Five by Five

When it came to flexi curls, Analog Dog used to be my hair crack of choice. These days, Queue Marlowe mainly produces hairs for her newer line, Point B, and I have to admit that I haven’t been as enamoured with these styles. In part, I miss the Analog Dog colours (especially the reds!), and in part it is due to mesh, which obviously doesn’t lend itself as well to flowing curls. However, I do check out every new release, and the latest one included the Five style, which became an instant favourite. I love long hairs that work both for modern looks and more fantastical looks, and this style definitely fits the bill. This is just what I want to see from mesh hair.

I am also wearing the new Adam n Eve skin once again; if you haven’t already demoed Carolyn, what are you waiting for?

Click for full-sized image

A moody look at the whole outfit, and I love how the hair works with this pose.

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Here’s a closer look at the style; it really takes advantage of the possibilities of mesh.

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Finally, a look at the back of the hair, which like the front is divided up into several tails.

Also worn is the Amulet Seraphina necklace from Maxi Gossamer and the Morticia gown from Pale Empress, the latter available at the Unhinged event, which you need to hurry up and check out because it closes on December 15th. The bench is from Trompe Loeil and the house from Alchemy Immortalis.

I am still in the middle of configuring my new system—these things take time for obsessive neat-freaks—so my blogging time is limited. I am, however, very much enjoying taking photos with the new system (and with Ran’s new system; we’re both flying along now). For example, we can finally get around those pesky lines by not shooting at double size since the screens are large enough for a pretty decent shot without that. Such a relief!

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