Feathered Creatures

I had an unwanted visitor this week in the shape of a cold, so I have spent a few frustrated days getting nothing at all done and seeing various things build up, including the number of review copies in my inventory. I’ll be playing catch-up for a while, I can tell, so I might as well dive in right away to give you some new releases from Zaara, Aisling, Fallen Gods & Faida and Jian.

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Starting at the end of that list, Jian has releases the Avigon gacha for the Epiphany. The gacha costs L$50 per play and you have a 10% chance of getting one of the two rares, which is the arm-perched Avigon shown here as well as one perched on a stand. Both of the rares are texture-change, covering the whole range of colours available in the 12 common variants. The rares also include a sound effect, making them even more adorable.

The beautiful gown is also from the Epiphany and represents another very successful collaboration between Fallen Gods & Faida. There are 4 rares and 16 commons to collect, with the long gown seen here being one of the rare packages (Diabolique). The rares come with 2-3 HUDs offering different colour and texture options and the commons (a shorter version of the dress) with a single HUD. All HUDs include a sheer texture which can be applied either over the whole dress or just to a part of it. At L$75 per play this is a very forgiving gacha which is guaranteed to give you something wearable with each pull

(I am not terribly fond of gachas with split-up outfits, I am currently sitting on a bunch of unmatched pieces from some other Epiphany machines.)

Both of these Epiphany gachas also include at least one exclusive which can be purchased with the points you get if you choose to redeem unwanted prizes.

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From this immensely popular Collabor88 round (I only managed to get in today) comes Zaara’s gorgeous Bird of Paradise release, which features the rigged mesh Sarika earrings (available in several different options for default heads as well as different mesh heads and mesh ears, and also available in an unrigged version) and the unrigged mesh Aletta earwings. I just love how well the fire colour went with both the gown and my Avigon! These earrings make a statement, for sure.

The same could certainly be said about one of Aisling’s brand-new releases (yes, there’s more, which I hope to show soon enough), the Ydriss chest lace for the Secret Affair. Ydriss is fitted mesh, available in four different sizes, and comes with a HUD for texture change in three different zones. I was very tempted to wear just Ydriss, but it works quite well to have it over a dress too, even if I had to do some minor edits where the two intersected. I love the gorget part of the lace in particular, it makes such a strong impression.

It wasn’t easy finding a hair to show off Zaara’s beautiful creations as they deserved to be shown, but eventually I found Serena from Wasabi Pills. But clearly we need more sleek hairs and updos in mesh. My skin is Ninniach from DeeTalez, in the MixedType tone.

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