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WorldCon: Day 2

And now our report for Day 2:

WorldCon: Day 1

After months of swinging back and forth between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to the trip, we somehow managed to get out of door at 3.45 Wednesday morning to get to the airport. Of course, I remained very dubious even once we were on our way, and did consider stopping and heading back home at several points.

Something Spicy Other Than My Temper

Still in a mostly unpleasant mood (see previous post), but I’ve been thinking for a while about posting the occasional recipe, and since Elio thinks that our latest creation (he contributed the idea of the balsamic vinegar) definitely is too yummy not to share, here it is. I don’t tend to measure too carefully when I cook, so take my estimates with a pinch of salt. Oh, and using half an habanero with the seeds in does give this dish a fair amount of bite, so if you’re not into that, you might want to use a milder chili.


Warning. Major rant and lots of cursing.

Archaeological Amusements

Seeing the recent article mentioning Westeros in the Onion reminded me of an old Onion favourite of mine. For a long while, it was gone from their website, but now it seems they have their archives in order so that it is once again available.

For anyone with the slightest interest in archaeology, Archaeologist Tired Of Unearthing Unspeakable Ancient Evils is a must read. It has some really hilarious bits, and almost as funny is another archaeology-related article, Archaeological Dig Uncovers Ancient Race Of Skeleton People.

We’re Writing A Book With GRRM!

Well, as the latest issue of Locus has announced this, it seems official. George R. R. Martin and Bantam have concluded a deal to publish a world book for A Song of Ice and Fire, which will provide a great amount of deal about the setting featured in A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, and A Feast for Crows. It’ll be copiously illustrated by some of the best artists in the industry and by some of the fan favorites.

Oh, and George’ll have a couple of co-authors on this endeavor, by the name of Elio M. García, Jr. and Linda Antonsson.


More details—many, many more details, we expect, when we can get them to you.

Absolutely Fabulous

Some days ago, when my current Pet Shop Boys mania led Elio to poke around for videos and recordings on YouTube, we came across a little gem. I think he posted it on the boards somewhere in the World Cup threads, but now that both England and Sweden are through the group play, I figured I’d link to it again in support of dear old England. They could use it, after all, even though we made sure to give them the easier team in the next round.

So, here you have it: England, We Can Win It

Now, if England really had had the Pet Shop Boys supporting them with a song, I’d have bet a hefty sum on them as winners already. ;)

Whee? Eeek?

Oh dear. Looks like I’ve got a job.

About two weeks ago, I was contacted by a company that does subtitling. They had found my profile in one of the translator databases I’ve registered with, and were asking if I was interested in working for them. I was, so they sent me a proficiency test that I needed to complete within a week. Scary, and pretty tough. Still, I managed to do what I felt was a satisfactory job, and sent it back to them last Thursday. I was then informed I could expect a response in about three weeks, so I prepared myself for some weeks of nervous waiting.

But, lo and behold, today I received a response. I passed! I am now terribly excited and more than a little nervous. And I am sure the latter will only get worse until I’ve managed to complete a few assignments without screwing up. ;)

The Best of Britain

For the last ... oh, hour or two, I’ve had 12 short clips from the upcoming Pet Shop Boys CD, Fundamental, on repeat. Yup, I’m addicted. Of course, that’s not news, I’ve been a fan since Please, but every new CD release gives it an extra boost. And after hearing these clips, my anticipation just got upped to a frustrating level. Some of the new songs are darn good.

Star Trek Reloaded

Via SF Signal, we came across these hilarious commercials from G4 television promoting their airing of Star Trek (the original series). “Spock’s Crib” (and the director’s cut version) are particularly funny—hip-hop Spock is a riot.

More Interesting Times

And here’s mine ...

Interesting Times Meme

Go to Wikipedia and look up your birth day (excluding the year). List three neat facts, two births and one death in your journal, including the year.

Music Shuffle Meme

This one’s pretty amusing. Picked it up from some LiveJournals. Here’s how it works: set your mp3 player to shuffle, read the question aloud, and then write down the song title as response to the question. Here’s my results:

Cursing Melodifestivalen

Well, the Swedish call-in vote, anyway. How anyone can think its a good idea to send Carola to represent us in the Eurovision is just beyond me. That fake smile, fake voice and fake everything just make me sick. She should just have kept to singing in whatever church she’s currently in at the moment, as I really don’t expect this song to do well for us in the qualifier. It is decent, sure, but it is definitely dated and too much of a typical schlager to work well today. Then again, I am almost hoping it will do really badly, because if I have to hear Carola go ‘tack, tack!’ again I will probably throw up. ;P

Either BWO or Andreas Johnson would have been excellent picks. This was definitely a year where we should just have kept to the jury vote and sent Andreas Johnson. Or at least made the call-in vote count for much less, perhaps half.

In Business at Last

The papers finally arrived today. Hippokrene is now an officially registered company, of which I am the proprietor. Of course, it will be awhile before I have time to get the website up, not to mention before I have time to actually start taking on any projects. Well, I am thinking I might do something small during the spring, but that depends on which extra classes I’ll try to finish up outside of the Literature.