Hippoi Athanatoi

Cursing Melodifestivalen

Well, the Swedish call-in vote, anyway. How anyone can think its a good idea to send Carola to represent us in the Eurovision is just beyond me. That fake smile, fake voice and fake everything just make me sick. She should just have kept to singing in whatever church she’s currently in at the moment, as I really don’t expect this song to do well for us in the qualifier. It is decent, sure, but it is definitely dated and too much of a typical schlager to work well today. Then again, I am almost hoping it will do really badly, because if I have to hear Carola go ‘tack, tack!’ again I will probably throw up. ;P

Either BWO or Andreas Johnson would have been excellent picks. This was definitely a year where we should just have kept to the jury vote and sent Andreas Johnson. Or at least made the call-in vote count for much less, perhaps half.

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