Hippoi Athanatoi

Whee? Eeek?

Oh dear. Looks like I’ve got a job.

About two weeks ago, I was contacted by a company that does subtitling. They had found my profile in one of the translator databases I’ve registered with, and were asking if I was interested in working for them. I was, so they sent me a proficiency test that I needed to complete within a week. Scary, and pretty tough. Still, I managed to do what I felt was a satisfactory job, and sent it back to them last Thursday. I was then informed I could expect a response in about three weeks, so I prepared myself for some weeks of nervous waiting.

But, lo and behold, today I received a response. I passed! I am now terribly excited and more than a little nervous. And I am sure the latter will only get worse until I’ve managed to complete a few assignments without screwing up. ;)

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