Eastern Mysteries

Zaara has finally created a new traditional Indian outfit and one in mesh at that. The beautiful Chandni Lehenga is available at Mystic Realms Faire and that is also were you will find the Lynessa hair by Calico.

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A Private Dinner

I was supposed to be taking a small blogging hiatus around now because I expected to be on vacation. Alas, things got in the way and the blogging interruptions turned out to be less enjoyable. But now I finally managed to set aside some time to dig into my rather large “to blog” pile and this first haul will center on the Birchdale Kitchen from Convair for the current round of FaMESHed.

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Fade to Grey

From skin with the rough texture of stone to skin with the dark-grey colour of stone; with so many fantasy events going on, finding a good fantasy skin is not hard at all—the only hard part is choosing if you only want one. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to blog this particular skin for this round of We Love Role-Play, but though I opted to keep the whole look grey scale, I moved away from the traditional white hair of a drow.

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Shine On

The latest release from Zaara, the Suhina sequin gown, is one of those pieces that just exudes elegance and glamour. There’s a simplicity to it which is balanced by the little details that really make it a stand-out gown; just look at the asymmetric waist and how well it goes with the slit at the bottom. And, of course, the icing on the cake is the use of materials. Just look at the way it catches the light.

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Late Night Drinks

Trompe Loeil’s first release of the year is the Dragon & Orchid Home Pub for FaMESHed. It comes in a PG and an Adult version (no, the difference isn’t that the PG version only serves soda) and as usual I went with the latter. And then I had the idea of using the Ice Queen’s Coat from Junbug and, well, very little else…

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Desert Sunset

Just as sachi put the finishing touches to the fabulous desert island in mesh that she’s created for the sim we rent from her, Zaara Kohime released a mesh bikini and a mesh coverup. The timing could not have been better; now we could photo both the new release and showcase a bit of the new landscaping at the same time. Even better, both the sim and the clothing uses materials.

To dwell a bit on the sim itself at first, this is the first of four mini-areas inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire (which most of you probably know as Game of Thrones) that we hope to have built on the sim. Ran and I are both huge fans of Dorne, so having our own little desert region in Second Life has been on our wishlist for a while. But with the limit of four textures per sim, desert seemed very limiting in terms of providing other photography opportunities. With mesh terrain, however, we hope to have both desert and snow all year around, plus a more temperate area as well. That should make for quite a lot of photography opportunities—plus a nifty home sim, of course.

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The Sole Reason

Gos Boutique opened for members of the update group yesterday and somehow I was able to get in pretty quickly to grab demos. Once I had decided what I wanted, it took a bit longer to get back in to actually make the purchase, but I survived that too. What was much quicker and easier was definitely the setup of the new shoes I had bought; the new HUD system from Gos really is a quite striking feature.

I’ll get into that a bit more, but first the basics. I picked up the Grace Sandals in Bronze and I am wearing them with tone four of Adam n Eve’s latest skin, Siobhan. I am also wearing one of this week’s new hairs from Truth and once again the mesh jewellery from Zaara. The poses and furnishings are from Libertine.

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I’ve never been able to stick to just one shape in SL. When I joined, it was to recreate various roleplay characters, so it didn’t take me many weeks to end up with several shapes. Since then, my personal collection has grown and grown, and somewhere along the way, sachi suggested that I could create some shapes for Adam n Eve’s skins and have them for sale in the store. I couldn’t pass up such an opportunity, of course, and I have been creating shapes for Adam n Eve skins ever since. And so, for the release of the first three skins of a new generation of sachi’s skins, I have of course created a shape each for Disa, Laina and Afia.

Also featured in this post are three of the gorgeous new hairs from Alice Project for Around the World (she made nine in total and you will find them all in the Asia section), some of my favourite Zaara lingerie and the mesh eyes from Mayfly.

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Lounging Laina

The second new skin from Adam n Eve is Laina. I am not showing all her naked pixels since she comes with the same body and in the same tones as Disa, but she definitely has a distinct character to her face. The shape I am using is my new shape for Laina, also available at Adam n Eve, on the second floor of the new shop. Also new is the mesh top from Zaara and the hair from Amacci.

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