Desert Sunset

Just as sachi put the finishing touches to the fabulous desert island in mesh that she’s created for the sim we rent from her, Zaara Kohime released a mesh bikini and a mesh coverup. The timing could not have been better; now we could photo both the new release and showcase a bit of the new landscaping at the same time. Even better, both the sim and the clothing uses materials.

To dwell a bit on the sim itself at first, this is the first of four mini-areas inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire (which most of you probably know as Game of Thrones) that we hope to have built on the sim. Ran and I are both huge fans of Dorne, so having our own little desert region in Second Life has been on our wishlist for a while. But with the limit of four textures per sim, desert seemed very limiting in terms of providing other photography opportunities. With mesh terrain, however, we hope to have both desert and snow all year around, plus a more temperate area as well. That should make for quite a lot of photography opportunities—plus a nifty home sim, of course.

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Now, back to the clothing. As noted, both the Naisha bikini and the Ria coverup are materials ready; those highlights on the bikini and on the studs on the coverup are the result of a specular map, so they will change dynamically based on the lighting. Fancy, huh?

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The bikini comes in 9 colours, divided across three packs, whereas the coverups come in 12 colours, divided across four packs. The Standard Sizing system is used and because of the close fit of the bikini your shape cannot deviate much; alphas aren’t really possible for such small areas. The coverup is quite loosely fitted, on the other hand, so it is much more forgiving.

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Of course, you don’t have to wear the bikini beneath the coverup. The neutrals pack is perfect for use with lingerie or why not with nothing at all? Yes, I like sheer mesh items. ;)

My skin is the lovely Maha from Adam n Eve and I am wearing an updo from elikatira; with sheer mesh such as on the coverup, long hairstyles are problematic due to how SL handles alphas. As far as I know, there’s no workaround for sheer or semi-sheer mesh. But an updo or a shorter style is a small price to pay for such a lovely outfit.

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