A Candle in the Dark

The December round of We Love Role-Play stays up during January as well, so if you failed to shop with all the holiday preparations going on (or if you spent most of the month sick, like me), you still have the chance to visit.

Among the items available are this medieval kirtle from the Annex and a lovely mature skin by Poema which I think looks stunning on LeLutka’s Lake head and with steel-grey hair.

The walking candle is by Candle & Cauldron for Winter’s Hollow and comes in brass, copper, iron and silver and also includes decor versions. The candle is also ready for use with a PBR viewer, but that is not what I am using here.

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A Lady’s Fancy

Puppy, vacation and getting the website ready for House of the Dragon. Those are some of my excuses for why I haven’t blogged for several weeks; while I could have found the time, I’ve been too busy to give inspiration a chance. I stared for two full weeks at the same outfit, trying to figure out what to do with. In the end, I changed it up and decided to head down to the market instead to inspect the clothseller’s wares and perhaps order a new gown.

The Hedeby Clothmaker’s Stall from Del-ka Aedilis is out at Redeux until August 30th.  The set includes a market tent with pennants, a table with bales of fabric and additional fabric in crates and baskets.

My lady is wearing a gown from the Annex and the hairstyle with the two long braids is Aliana from Wasabi. It includes various 80’s-inspired ornaments on the braids but for this post I turned them off. The skin is a special version of Salma from DeeTaleZ, a weekend sale item from a couple of weeks ago. I love the freckles!

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Making Camp

You still have a few days to visit the current round of We Love Role-Play, where—among many other things—you can find the Evrim outfit from the Annex. I knew I wanted that one in gold as soon as I saw it (it also includes a sheer version, btw) but then Skin Fair came between me and setting up a desert scene for photoing it. When I finally did get around to it, I had picked up a couple of more things for the scene such as the beautiful lantern from the Dreaming Thicket and the ornate tack set by Cheval D’or.

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Afternoon in Midas

I started my coverage of the Fantasy Faire at Midas, the sim built by Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc, and I couldn’t resist going back there for some more photos. In the end, I just got the one that I was happy with, it was a little too laggy at the time to setup more. But I think it gives a lovely look at one of the spots on the sim where you can hang out to enjoy the view. And, of course, of some more Fantasy Faire goodies, this time from Wasabi, the Annex and Eudora 3D.

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Farewell to Genre

I will have to keep this short and sweet with all the holiday preparations going on, but I do want to urge to to visit the very last round of Genre with the theme of Fantasy Winter Role-Play. The lovely gown from the Annex that I am wearing is from the event, as is the pretty necklace from Sn@tch which is a gift at the event. Also featured in these photos is hair from Stealthic and new decor items from Paper Moon.

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Fantasy Faire 2017 - In the Air

I am back to wandering the Fairelands after a short break for RL interruptions. Today, I settled on the lovely Kakushi Pasu sim where the Literary Festival is held. In fact, I was there on Sunday as well, holding a small talk about history in A Song of Ice and Fire. I have participated in the Literary Festival for three years now and I think it is a fabulous part of the Faire, so do check out what they have to offer during the rest of the Faire.

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Neptune’s Revenge

There is something oh so romantic and adventurous about an old-fashioned sailing ship (especially if it comes with a dashing pirate captain included, but I digress…) and I have always wanted a nice ship in Second Life. Not so much for sailing (though Ran used to like to do a bit of that), but it can make for a lovely place to admire a virtual sunset from. No surprise, then, that I have following Maxwell Graf’s work on his mesh ship with interest. It has, as I also mention in the video (yes, there’s one of those), been quite a long process, but now Neptune’s Revenge is finally complete and out at Rustica and on the marketplace. And she’s a beauty, as I hope I have managed to show in both the photos and the video.

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Winter Fantasy

In a couple of days (specifically, on the 9th)  “A Winter Solstice in the Mystic Realms” will open and offer a huge selection of exclusive items themed around either winter or fantasy (and, in many cases, both). The sim is fittingly enough a fantastic winter wonderland which really puts you in the mood for dressing up like an ice princess of one variety or another. You can get a preview of some of items in the shopping guide and I will be taking a closer look at the beautiful set by the Plastik.

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Dark Winter Queen

Time for another full-on fantasy look, combining pieces from three different but very creative designers: Aisling, Noble Creations and the Annex. It started with the pieces from the Annex gacha and grew from there into a truly frosty winter queen with a dark edge as evidenced by the armour-like pieces from Noble Creations.

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Enchanted Anew

Tomorrow, May 1st, the new round of Enchantment opens. The format has been changed since previous rounds - instead of shopping at a central location, each of the participating designers will have new, Enchantment-specific releases available in their main stores. Each time you purchase one of the qualifying releases, you receive a stamp card and here’s were the added fun begins. You see, in addition to the main store releases, each designer has also made an Enchantment-specific prize and these are available at a central location. However, you cannot just go and buy these special prizes. This is where the stamp card comes into the picture. For each prize that you want, you will need a stamp card. Once you have all the stamp cards you want, you visit the main store of each designer to stamp the cards (you can wear all of them at once at this stage). When the cards are full, detach them and visit the prize location. There, you attach one card at a time and start claiming the prizes you want.

So now that you know how it works, what about this rounds theme? It is Sleeping Beauty, and for my first post, I decided to dig deep into the fairy-tale’s origins…

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