Winter Fantasy

In a couple of days (specifically, on the 9th)  “A Winter Solstice in the Mystic Realms” will open and offer a huge selection of exclusive items themed around either winter or fantasy (and, in many cases, both). The sim is fittingly enough a fantastic winter wonderland which really puts you in the mood for dressing up like an ice princess of one variety or another. You can get a preview of some of items in the shopping guide and I will be taking a closer look at the beautiful set by the Plastik.

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The Scara collection is an elaborate, whimsical fantasy where flowers and petals play a central role. The cuffs, for wrists and ankles, are made entirely of flowers, whereas the earrings combine flowers and a delicate spray of buds. The same elements adorn the mask and the horn, although you do also get a version of the horns without the flowers. All of the pieces come with an all-inclusive HUD that gives an impressive array of colouring options. There is also an exclusive colour of the mask available, only sold at the event. For a more wintry edge, the Scara collection also features a set of Icicle earrings and necklaces, though these are not shown here.

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While not precisely fantastical in nature, the lacy Amber lingerie from the Annex (here shown in nude) has a delicate quality that I thought complemented both the jewellery and the winter theme. I was lucky enough to win a draw on Plurk for the whole collection from the Annex, so expect to see more pieces crop up in my coming reviews. The lingerie comes in five colours and in fitted mesh for both Slink bodies and for Maitreya.


Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, Mayfly eyes, FATElashes
Skin: PXL Aurora
Hair: Alice Project Ellie Special
Clothes: The Annex Amber Lingerie Nude
Accessories: The Plastik Scara Horns, Mask, Earrings and Cuffs (Winter Solstice, opening on the 9th)

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