Neptune’s Revenge

There is something oh so romantic and adventurous about an old-fashioned sailing ship (especially if it comes with a dashing pirate captain included, but I digress…) and I have always wanted a nice ship in Second Life. Not so much for sailing (though Ran used to like to do a bit of that), but it can make for a lovely place to admire a virtual sunset from. No surprise, then, that I have following Maxwell Graf’s work on his mesh ship with interest. It has, as I also mention in the video (yes, there’s one of those), been quite a long process, but now Neptune’s Revenge is finally complete and out at Rustica and on the marketplace. And she’s a beauty, as I hope I have managed to show in both the photos and the video.

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To borrow from the information notecard, these are the features of Neptune’s Revenge:

  • Rezzer Box for easy placement
  • 95% Mesh, 5% invisible prim physics shape (simpler & more accurate to script for sail/combat)
  • Hull is 7.2m Wide, 30m Long, 7m High
  • Total ship is 13m Wide, 35.5m Long, 30.2m High
  • Modify and Copy, No Transfer; Scale or color it (watch out, land impact increase is exponential!) If at any time you move or delete some part of the ship, simply delete all the parts and use a new rezzer box from your inventory.
  • The ship is NOT SCRIPTED for sail/movement. The Masts, Sails, Rudder, Helm all have corrected rotation center point position for wind/sail scripting, the hull is in 4 sections for combat compatibility, ready to adapt to your specific needs. It is a STATIC item.
  • Cabin with sliding doors, bulkhead lantern, stern windows and built-in shelving.
  • Cabin bed has multi-page texture menus for pillows and cover changing!
  • Solid mesh rigging/ropes, not alpha textures.

As noted in the video, you get two versions of the ship, with sails unfurled or furled. It looks fabulously impressive with them unfurled, but the furled version is great for having docked at your sim (as you will see in the last photo).

The landscape seen here (and in the video) is the Kingdom of Islands from Landscapes Unlimited.

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It is hard not too look dashing when you’re standing on the prow of a ship like this, but of course it helps to be dressed for the occasion. More seaworthy outfits for men, please. I do like that both of our hairs look a bit windblown (I am wearing Harper by Calico and Ran is wearing Zale from Damselfly).

The Barb Wire & Roses gacha from Roawenwood comes in three different metal options and a variety of flower colours. Each pull gives you a complete set of choker and armbands and for every 15th pull you get one of the full sets (all metals) in red or purple.

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And here we have a shot of the docked (or, well, anchored in this case, since I don’t have any docks yet) ship. I love the view that you get looking up at it from beneath, with the figurehead at the prow. Really beautiful work and you will notice that this version also has some differences in the wood texturing, to show some damage to some of the hull that would explain why she is docked!


Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, Mayfly eyes, FATElashes
Skin: Imabee Imogen Apical
Hair: Calico Harper
Clothes: The Annex Her Ladyship Gown Mauve
Accessories: Roawenwood Barb Wire & Roses Gacha (The Guardians)

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