None Shall Pass

We’re in the middle of packing for our annual trip up north but of course I need a creative break now and then. I though the new fantasy armour set from the Plastik for the Lootbox gacha was very nice and given the horns that are a part of it I decided that it probably belongs to a guardian of some underworld realm. So, I headed off to my trusty caves by Fanatik and made use of the Petra chamber once again.

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Enchanted Niamh

Having a vacation just around the corner should be nice, but it always manages to make me all stressed out and of course totally locked up creatively. I like going places, I just don’t like the preparations. I am already preoccupied with what I need to pack, and we’re going next Wednesday!

Anyway, after a bit of teleporting around between various builds on the sim, this simple setup struck me as a fine way of showing off this beautifully textured gown from Senzafine. I really like the colours that Synjari has done for this release, they are very vibrant and a bit unusual. There are six colours in total and five sizes and you will find the gown at Midsummer Enchantment until June 30th.

The long, lovely braid I picked up at Magika’s 50% refund sale. Alas, it ended yesterday, but Magika’s regular prices are so good that its certainly worth getting it anyway.

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Final Chance for Redeux

Today is the last chance for you to check out the great sales and bargains at the June round of Redeux. Technically, it closed on the 21st, but I believe it stays around for most of the 22nd as well. So this is just a quick post to give you the chance to visit before it is too late. The fabric wrap by Roawenwood, the pose by Serendipity and the fireplace from Myth are all items available at Redeux. The hair is one of two styles available from Wasabi’s gacha at the June round of the Arcade.

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Belle Blooms

If it wasn’t for the very brisk wind, today would have been very spring-like. So when it came to taking some pretty photos of this floral-adorned lingerie by Voluptas Virtualis, I decided it was time to step outside (virtually speaking, anyhow) and pose beneath the always blooming apple tree. I thought the result was quite charming, especially with the very freckled Ines skin from LAQ, here shown on the Maya head from LightStar. The skin is available at the Skin Fair which closes tomorrow, so if you have yet to check it out, get yourself over there!

You have a bit more time to check out the Lelia lingerie at Belle, which continues until the 3rd of April. The matching Melia choker, on the other hand, is available as a gift at the Voluptas Virtualis mainstore.

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Misty Mountains

A lone warrior wandering the rugged wilderness, a tall watchtower looming in the background. The Six Lakes sky landscape from Landscapes Unlimited provides the perfect backdrop for showing off the Immortal Elf outfit from Noble Creations and the Chillon Tower from Fanatik looks right at home amidst these tall mountains as well.

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At Practice

I am not exactly dressed for it, but I am here to tell you that the Midwinter Fair ends tomorrow and you don’t want to miss the chance to check it out! The fair offers a good mix of gachas and regular items, some of it winter themed and some not. The gacha from Faida that I am wearing most certainly isn’t winter themed (even if there is an “Ice” colour option), except maybe if you are a fearless barbarian who faces fighting in winter like this. Actually, you have to be pretty fearless to fight wearing this regardless of the weather, but you are sure to distract your opponent!

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There is a new round of the Epiphany on, which means elaborate gacha sets that you can either try your luck on OR in some cases buy as complete sets. The set from Chandra Meehan of deviousMind is called Azumi and described as “assassin silks”, which put all sorts of ideas into my head for how to photo it! I rather like what I ended up with, though I did have to use the skirt-less option of the dress for it to work with the first pose. But I think it really shows off the fabulous leather braces with their attached blades in a great way.

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Midwinter Approaches

Dreaming Thicket has a new gown out at We Love Role-Play, this time inspired by Viking and early medieval gowns. It is a simple style that comes in earthy colours that look warm and comforting during the winter season. I used a few pieces from Nomad’s Midgard gacha to setup the scene of an early winter morning in a wooden house with a central fireplace and some simple furnishings. The hair is a favourite from Stealthic which looks great in red, the freckled skin is from alaskametro and the head is one of my LightStar heads, Marian.

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Wild Winds

This is of course a weekend full of great deals in Second Life and I thought I would share just a few from the flood of Black Friday/Black Weekend sales. I rather prefer the virtual sales in Second Life to the physical ones; they satisfy the shopping urge without making me feel horribly consumerist. After all, a mesh head or two more won’t tax the environment that much! I haven’t actually shopped LOGO’s fantastic sale yet (75% off their heads and hud!), but Ran did pick up their second male head since he’s been very happy with the first one. However, I do have a hair to share from Astrology (50% off all regularly priced items) and a skin from Lumae (70% off all 2018 skins with Skin Addiction group tag). Plus this “swamp girl” outfit from Noble Creations, though that is not a sale item but a new release for Whimsical. Finally, Serendipity does have several heavily discounted pose sets right now, plus 50% on everything else.

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White Widow

Before sending me this outfit, Chandra Meehan of deviousMind asked if I was up for it, given what I said in my last post about spiders. I assured her that as long as the spiders weren’t animesh and crawling all over me, I would probably be fine. That said, there are a lot of spiders in this outfit! And I am not even wearing all of them here; there are a few more flexi add-ons, some applier layers (with or without blood) and some other hair/head ornaments (with spiders, of course). Additionally, there’s a nice accessory available for the Once Upon a Nightmare hunt.

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Dancing Queen

Today I am hitting the virtual dance floor in the newest gacha from Voluptas Virtualis, which will be available at the Epiphany when it opens tonight (well past my bedtime!). I found just the right prop in my inventory, this dance box from sadly defunct pose store LostAngel, which made it easy to create a little personal club space. As much as I have been shopping for builds lately, I think I need to get some more, particularly modern skyboxes that could work as clubs and similar things. This outfit definitely does not belong in a castle!

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LeLutka Axis HUD

After debating it for a while, I recently picked up the Axis HUD from LeLutka. With this HUD you can make your own expressions for your bento mesh heads and no, it doesn’t just work on LeLutka. In this video, I demonstrate the HUD on three different heads: LeLutka Cate, Vista Zoe and Lightstar Maya. Full credits for what I am wearing can be found at the end of this post and I have also included two photos to show the outfit from On a Lark and the jewelry from the Plastik better.

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Priestess of Drowned Atlantis

When I browsed through the newly opened September round of We Love Role-Play, I was thrilled to find the new jewellery set from Bliensen + MaiTai. It is a beautiful replica of an actual Minoan pendant, showing two bees storing away a drop of honey. The actual Minoan piece is one of the most celebrated pieces of Minoan art, a beautiful example of their skill at working with gold. I saw it in the museum in Herakleion when I visited Crete (sadly ages ago!) and of course I bought a silver replica to take home. I really enjoy being able to get it in Second Life as well and I would love to see more historical replica jewellery!

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King in Waiting

A short while back, I featured the Ladies’ Crowns gacha from the Dreaming Thicket. Now there is a matching Lords’ Crowns gacha out at Enchantment, which is also where you will find the Prince Lawrence outfit from Noble Creations. I didn’t go for any frogs in this scene, but rather setup a scenario of a King in Waiting standing beside the throne, waiting his turn.

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I am still making my way through the LightStar heads and today I have Makeda to show you, a head with African features. As with all of the other LightStar heads, there’s a “companion” male head, in this case called Solomon. I do hope to show some more of the male heads as well but if it is a bit tough to find Omega skins for female heads it is 10 times worse for male heads. It may just have to wait for Bakes on Mesh to go live; in fact, I have tried several of these heads with some system skins in the project viewer and they work beautifully.

In this post I am also showing you the Maxwelle Chaise from the Plastik, the Fortuna bodysuit from Voluptas Virtualis and the Brooklyn hair from Wasabi.

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