Priestess of Drowned Atlantis

When I browsed through the newly opened September round of We Love Role-Play, I was thrilled to find the new jewellery set from Bliensen + MaiTai. It is a beautiful replica of an actual Minoan pendant, showing two bees storing away a drop of honey. The actual Minoan piece is one of the most celebrated pieces of Minoan art, a beautiful example of their skill at working with gold. I saw it in the museum in Herakleion when I visited Crete (sadly ages ago!) and of course I bought a silver replica to take home. I really enjoy being able to get it in Second Life as well and I would love to see more historical replica jewellery!

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The gown from the Dreaming Thicket, also new at We Love Role-Play, is not precisely Minoan, but I thought it would go nicely with the jewellery anyway. Also, my conceit for these images ended up being an image of Atlantis, mostly sunken beneath the waves. There are many who think the volcanic eruption on Minoan Thera (Santorini) gave rise to the Atlantis myth.

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I also had to go on a bit of an inventory hunt to find a hairstyle that had at least some things in common with the hairstyles we see in the Minoan frescoes. This gacha from Exile fit the bill best.

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Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, LightStar Freyja, Mayfly eyes
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins Lima
Cosmetics:  alaskametro Cairo Eyeshadow
Hair: Exile Fall
Clothes: Dreaming Thicket Laelia Bluebell (We Love Role-Play)
Accessories: Bliensen + MaiTai Bees of Malia Choker & Earrings (We Love Role-Play)
Poses: Musa
Decor: Fallen Gods

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