There is a new round of the Epiphany on, which means elaborate gacha sets that you can either try your luck on OR in some cases buy as complete sets. The set from Chandra Meehan of deviousMind is called Azumi and described as “assassin silks”, which put all sorts of ideas into my head for how to photo it! I rather like what I ended up with, though I did have to use the skirt-less option of the dress for it to work with the first pose. But I think it really shows off the fabulous leather braces with their attached blades in a great way.

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So, what do we have in this set? Well, there’s 2 sets of commons in 12 colours each. Set A consists of a corset dress with leg armor and that is what I am wearing here. Set B consists of a silk dress with sleeves. Then we have the three rares: the “Nightstalker” silk scarf, “SilentDancer” assassin heels and “BladeStorm” leather bracers. Each rare includes all 12 colours via the menu and there are also some customisation options for the commons, such as the skirt/no skirt option for the dresses.

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Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet,  LightStar Maya, Mayfly eyes
Hair: Analog Dog Whim Light Reds (Lootbox)
Clothes: deviousMind Azumi (The Epiphany)
Accessories: deviousMind Azumi (The Epiphany)
Decor: LORE Desert Villa and Palace Bed
Poses: Adorkable & Eternal Dreams

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