The Runecaster

I had high hopes for the latest Enchantment round with the theme of “Viking Saga”, but I must admit that I found it a little slim on really interesting releases. Probably a good thing for my virtual wallet, all considered. ;) And there definitely were some things that inspired me, such as Roawenwood’s “Runecasters Table”. Decor items/props that also tell a story and can be used for role-play always draw my eye and this was no exception.

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With that as the starting point I dressed myself up in the Ingrid dress and apron from Faida & Velvet Whip for We Love Role-Play, painted my face with the help of Senzafine and extended an invitation to a rune reading.

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The release from Roawenwood is a working prop for rune readings with 18 single animations for male and female avatars. Here I am showing the whole set, but you can strip it down to just the pillow for the rune reader and the table. The notecard included explains two different models that can be used for a 3 rune reading.


Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet, Vista Emily head, Vista eyes
Skin: Lumae Amesha T5
Cosmetics: Senzafine The Norn
Hair: Wasabi Nora
Clothes: Faida & Velvet Whip Ingrid Dress and Apron Dust (We Love Role-Play)
Pose: Nantra Gaze into the Flames
Decor: Del-ka Aedilis Hedeby Series: Farmhouse Sigvard, Roawenwood Runecasters Table (Enchantment)

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