Playing with Justine

Say hello to Justine. Sleek, sexy and opulent, full of possibilities. Alia Baroque of Libertine has definitely done it again with this luxurious grand divan. If you are familiar with his Marquis furniture set, Justine offers a similar experience, but in many ways it is dialled up to 11. There are five different seating areas and a total of twelve seating targets, meaning that you could have quite a party on this couch. Alas, for these photos it is just me and Ran, and we didn’t even get into any of the couple poses, naughty or otherwise (the set comes in both a mature and an adult version, with the latter including the full range of poses). But rest assured, this won’t be the last you see of Justine on this blog.

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I decided to take the opportunity to show off a few racy looks while I was at it, in part inspired by the opening of the Burlesque event today. deviousMind had put out some of their previous gacha’s there, including the Mata Hari set that I just missed at The Secret Affair. I wasn’t able to get the whole set (and no luck at yardsales either), but I did get one of the fabulous rare headdresses, the basic dancer jewels and the epaulettes. This is a really pretty set, though I wish the fitted mesh sizes worked a bit better for my shapes.

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Ran is of course wearing the male mesh body from the Shops again, having matched one of the many included skin tones to his Abyss skin. Yes, it may be quite a few years old now, but they were so ahead of the curve at the time that it still holds up really well.

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From the Burlesque event comes these Baroque Suspender Belt Stockings from Cannibelle, which I thought were a lovely fit for this particular pose. For just L$100 you get the stockings in three colours - white, nude and black - and for a range of mesh parts.

The fan is one of many props that poses on the couch will hand out to you; others include wine glasses, books, tea cups, etc.

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Another nice view of the suspender belt, I thought.

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The final outfit I wanted to show is the naughty and quite minimal Alexa set from elymode. The lace on this lingerie really showcases the superior detail that appliers can achieve over old-style system layer clothing (though such versions are included with the set) and I think it looks particularly good on the clothing layer, which allows for the bra not to hug the valley between the breasts but instead stretch across it.

Each Alexa set comes in two colour variants; this set includes red and black and all black.

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Another view of the Alexa set, plus a look at the sexy Chloe pumps from ieQED. The pumps have great texturing, with a metallic/iridescent feel even to the black, and fabulously high and thin heels.

All of the hairs used are from Wasabi Pills—Lara, Sibel and Reiko, with the latter being a brand new release for FaMESHed—and the skin is Imabee’s Florentien in Stigma.

The whole Justine set takes up 46 LI (that includes the divan, the rug, the candles and the chains) and if you rezz out just the divan it is 24 LI. If you want to use the whole set, you can either rezz the pieces individually or use the included rezzer to setup everything in one go. Buying the set gets you free updates if any additions are made, for example to add more colour options just as the Marquis set has.

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