In the Lair of the Beast

Enchantment opens tomorrow, presenting its final round which is inspired by Beauty and the Beast. I found my way to the lavish library on Caelestium Isle to represent Beauty exploring the Beast’s castle.

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The Jolie Proie gown is a collaboration between Faida—a brand that is new to me—and Fallen Gods for Enchantment. I really like what they’ve done with the lace overdress in particular, but this is not the only way to wear this gown. You could wear it as a sleeker outfit, without the overdress, and you could wear an opaque overdress in the same colour as the bodice.

The length of the gown was perfect for showing off the Enchanted Rose Heels from aisling, which come with a HUD for control the metal of the shoe and in a selection of rose colours. I went with black to provide some contrast against the dress, and I matched this on the Endora hand ornaments and the Roz earrings, the latter being the event exclusive prize from aisling.

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The Bherdrim necklace is also from aisling, but not from Enchantment. It comes with one of aisling’s very handy HUDs which easily shows which section you are recolouring; very useful when you have several areas you can control.

Both poses used are from an lar’s Beauty Series. An lar also has a very charming couple pose as the event exclusive prize.

My hair is the ornate Lynessa style by Calico and the skin is Adam n Eve’s Siobhan in the palest tone.

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