The Fantasy Gacha Carnival has opened up a new round. The theme has the potential to be more than a little iffy concerning IP rights, since it is billed as “Game of Thrones vs Star Wars”, but fortunately there are quite a few original and unproblematic gachas available at the event. Granted, these do tend to be the ones with the least direct connection to the theme, but in this case that doesn’t bother me since they are quite fabulous fantasy items. For my first post, I am taking a closer look at the very impressive entries by Aisling and Alchemy.

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Aisling has two gorgeous outfit/jewellery sets at the FGC. This one is called Aspasia and it is a delicious Sword & Sorcery creation that looks as if it might have stepped off a Boris Vallejo cover. Aspasia includes three sets of commons—armrings, bracers and earrings—in black, silver and gold and three rares—headdress, chest and belt—that come with a HUD for both the metals and the stones (the commons just have a HUD for the stones).

The ferocious creature next to me is a Hell Hound from Alchemy’s gacha. It isn’t the rare black hound, but the smoke looks pretty dark and menacing too. As a huge fan of Greek mythology since a young age, I am thrilled to have my own pet Kerberos.

(I admit, it would have been extra cool if one of the colours available was a spotted version, since apparently there’s some etymological evidence that Kerberos essentially meant “spotted”—yes, Hades basically named his pet dog “Spot”.)

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I could not resist a back shot of this outfit, which also serves to show off more of the one piece that isn’t part of the Aisling gacha; the Thong Panty from Solange. This is the thong for every occasion where you need just a little cover-up under something else. Its available in 12 colours and include a HUD for controlling transparency, glow and shine and it comes in fitted mesh for Belleza (three bodies), Maitreya and Slink (two bodies) as well as in unrigged mesh versions for each.

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Finally, I had to include a shot of another of the commons from the Alchemy gacha; the hell puppers. These come as either held or following you and are rather adorable cute little hell beasts.

The skin is PXL’s Aeryn in Olive (I do love that body) and I am wearing the Renee hair from EMO-tions. Poses are from oOo Studios, with edits using Animare.

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