In the Boudoir

Alaskametro is participating in two current events, On9 and anyBody, with a quartet of new releases that go very nicely together. The Plastik is also at several events right now, and here I am looking at a release for The Thrift Shop. Finally, I am featuring some lingerie from chocolate atelier.

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At anyBody you will find a nice crochet dress from Alaskametro as well as these iridescent heels called Brilla. They are available for just L$128 at the event and fit several varieties of high feet.

The Thea Bra and Panties set from chocolate atelier is available at the Gacha Garden event. There’s two styles of lingerie in the gacha, the one seen here and a matching bodysuit. I like the chocolate atelier gachas since you’re guaranteed to win something wearable without having to match up pieces.

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The Forevyr jewellery set includes the pieces seen here, a shorter set of earrings and a variety of different necklaces, including some fitted for male avatars. The set is sold by metal and there’s five options available. This is a clean, classy set that will suit any outfit.

The eyeshadow is from the Muse set by alaskametro and there are matching nailpolishes available for each of the eyeshadows as well.

My skin is also by alaskametro, the latest version of her skin line worn in the Ivory tone, and my hair is Tiffany by Wasabi Pills. The poses used are by oOo Studios.

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