Adorning Ariadne

There are few things I enjoy as much in SL as a new skin. I love finding skins that fit my existing shapes and I love being inspired by a skin to create a new shape. Fortunately, working for Adam n Eve means that I get to try out a lot of new skins since sachi Vixen loves to make them.

This time, I’d like to introduce you all to Ariadne, who may just have the best body of any skin that sachi has made. I am also showing a variety of jewellery from Bewildebeest, a store full of very original jewellery designs.

Ariadne is available in 12 makeups per tone (sold as singles or in fatpacks) and there’s also an add-on lipstick pack available.

The selected jewellery sets from Bewildebeest represent just a small selection of what’s available at the store and the full range includes not just your typical earrings and necklaces but many inventive hair ornaments and some really interesting rings.

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