Fantasy Faire 2024: A Meeting of Magic

The magical isle of Avalon, Alia Baroque’s creation for this Fantasy Faire, became witness to a meeting between two fantastical beings. One, a fae called to this realm as the dragon nearly woke from his slumber. The other, a spirit horse lured down from among the clouds and starts by magic required to send the dragon back to sleep.

At the Jail & Bail for Alia, I bought the Ancient Spell version of the special skin. I was really curious to see how the sim would change if the dragon awoke, but alas, that did not happen. But I knew I wanted to create a post with this skin and when I got the opportunity to blog the Qamariki mod & texture kits for the Teeglepets, created by Tutto E Vanita, I had an idea for bringing the two together.

For the rest of the fae’s look, I used one of the RFL releases from deviousMind together with one of the new colours of the SteamWings released for the Faire and a crown from Les Encantades.

As for the Qamariki, I modded my Teeglepet Pegasus with the kit as I have a copy version of the Pegasus. The first time I tried I managed to skip one step and had to start over, but once I actually followed all the instructions it was not difficult at all as long as you have some basic understanding of how to use the editing tools. The Qamariki mod kit is available for most Teeglepets, including even the new Kelpie and Hippocampus pets. In addition to the mod kit, you need one of the special texture kits and the toughest part about that will be to pick your favourite. This is a really fanciful mod kit and the texture kits use glow and emissive marking for an ethereal appearance.

Click for full-sized image
Click for full-sized image


Body Parts:  Maitreya Lara body, LeLutka Lake head
Skin: Fallen Gods Druid Ancient Spell (Fantasy Faire 2024 - Avalon)
Hair: MagikaMira
Clothes: deviousMind Butterflykini Tiffany Lilac (Fantasy Faire 2024 - Avalon)
Accessories:  Les Encantades Meliae’s Crown (Fantasy Faire 2024 - Samsara), deviousMind Sunday SteamWings Bento PBR Morningdew (Fantasy Faire 2024 - Avalon)
Companion: Teegle Teeglepet Pegasus (Fantasy Faire 2024 - The Last Stop) with Tutto E Vanita Qamariki Mod Kit Pegasus and Qamariki Texture Kit Lanterne (Fantasy Faire 2024 - The Last Stop)

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