Fantasy Faire 2024: Almost the Last Stop

The end of the Fantasy Faire draws near, but there is still time to experience the magic of the Fairelands for two more days, until the 7th of May. I have paid several visits to The Last Stop, the underwater sim designed by Teegle, but so far I had not done any photography there. That was, of course, an excellent excuse to do a bit more poking around on the back of the gorgeous Hippocampus, the second of the new Teeglepets.

Like the Kelpie, the Hippocampus is half horse, half sea creature. But despite is foreboding name—Scylla—the Hippocampus has a much more benign appearance than the sharp-toothed Kelpie. Mythologically, they are often seen pulling the chariots of gods and goddesses of the sea or being ridden by nymphs of the sea.

There are already a ton of beautiful appliers out, both from Teegle and other creators, but here I went with the gorgeous default applier. Its too bad you would need a very big aquarium to keep a Hippocampus! ;)

Also from the Faire is the lovely gown by Portal, its shimmering fabric a nice match with the iridescence of the Hippocampus coat, and a delicate circlet from PANIQ.

Click for full-sized image
Click for full-sized image


Body Parts: The Shops Legacy Perky, The Shops Legacy Perky hands & feet, LeLutka Lilly, LeLutka eyes
Skin: alaskametro Angel Tone 04
Hair:  Analog Dog Tosca (Fantasy Faire 2024 - Ogham Grove)
Clothing: Portal Veshna Dress (Fantasy Faire 2024 - Thunnus Bay)
Accessories:  Paniq Lunar Starlight Circlet (Fantasy Faire 2024 - The Duskfall Court)
Companions: Teegle Teeglepet “Scylla” the Hippocampus (Fantasy Faire 2024 - The Last Stop)

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