Fantasy Faire 2022: The King’s Maid

For the daughter of a very minor rural lord, with a keep of wood rather than stone, being found a place in the royal household was considered quite the achievement. That her duties were those of a servant rather than a lady-in-waiting did not matter to her kin, as long as she served in the king’s own castle.

The last weekend of the Fantasy Faire is upon us. I haven’t yet managed to do the Quest so that is what I hope to do with my weekend, as well as sharing some final blog posts with you. The focus of this one is a grand furniture set from Laminak featuring a canopy bed, bedside table, chest and wardrobe. I love the look of the woodwork on these pieces, they are truly fit for royalty.

I also took the opportunity to show off the Terra Sigillata Wine Tray and Wine Jug from Del-ka Aedilis. These are of course Roman rather than medieval, but work well enough in place of other kinds of pottery. There are subtle designs on all the pieces, very much in the classic style of Terra Sigillata.

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Body Parts:  The Shops Legacy Perky body, The Shops Legacy hands & feet, Logo Bella, Logo eyes
Skin: Logo Bella Alabaster
Hair: KMH Hair F195 (Fantasy Faire - Bassett Town)
Clothes: Faida Ingrid Dress & Apron (Fantasy Faire - Opet)
Decor: Laminak King’s Canopy Bed - Lancelot Set (Fantasy Faire - Aarkenfen),  Del-ka Aedilis Terra Sigillata Wine Tray and Terra Sigillata Wine Jug (Fantasy Faire - The Carnelian Archive)

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