The Dreamers

Hair Fair, one of the oldest events in Second Life, is back again after a hiatus last year. Just as before, the event raises money for Wigs for Kids; a percentage of each sale is donated to the charity. The event runs for two weeks, untill July 4th, and covers a total of six sims. The layout this year is super easy to browse through and the sims are very low lag as well. There are gifts from many of the creators and there were quite a few styles for men available.

The first hair that I am going to show off is the Everly updo from EMO-tions. I had already decided that I wanted to put together a vaguely 17th/18th century inspired look for the couple pose “To Live” from Be My Mannequin for the Anti-Event. An elegant updo suited the look very well. Other than that, I decided to raid my inventory for my outfit and the decor, the latter being a mix of items from Rustica and Libertine.

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The dynamic of this couple pose drew me eye right away. It seems to capture an important movement between the two participants.

In editing the position of the poseballs to work for our avatars, the position of Ran’s hand ended up a little different from where it was intended to be (our avatars are too close in height, I think), so make sure you demo and see how it works for you.

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At first, I had only planned on blogging the couple pose, but the lovely parasol prop with the single pose gave me the idea of showing that and at the same time giving a closer look at the updo. This is a very elegant pose.


On Freyja:

Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, LeLutka Simone, Mayfly eyes
Skin: League Alessa Pale
Hair: EMO-tions Everly (Hair Fair)
Clothes: Adam n Eve Claire Gown
Accessories: Kunglers Genesia Necklace

On Ran:

Body Parts: Slink Physique Male body, Slink hands & feet, LeLutka Andrea
Skin: Tableau Vivant Andrea
Hair: Dura B90
Clothes: Last Ride Habit a La Francaise Red

Poses: Pose: Be My Mannequin? To Live (couple pose), To Dream (single pose) (Anti-Event)
Decor: Nomad Dimora Rinascimentalel, Rustica Empire Furniture (various pieces), Libertine Art Collection

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