The Desert Camp

Paper Moon just released a gorgeous oasis set for the Home Show and it provided the perfect backdrop for the newest items from the Muses and Voluptas Virtualis. I also brought on my alt wearing the Teegle Bento Horse Avatar. I love that you can have the avatar look like different horse breeds by altering the shape—the one I wear here is of course intended to look like an Arabian, and I think it manages quite well!

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The Paper Moon set consists of the tents, the side tables and the reflecting pool. Each piece is available in several colours and with each purchase you get a faded and a fresh version of the colour. For this scene, I opted for the fresh versions, but the faded are lovely as well and with a distinct charm of their own.

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The beautiful body art as well as the minimal outfit are both new releases from the Muses for We Love Role-Play. The body art includes versions in black, blue and gold and the outfit is fitted for Belleza Freya and Isis, Maitreya Lara and Slink Hourglass.

On my hands is the Lali set from Voluptas Virtualis, which is a set of bento rings and hand ornaments for Slink or Maitreya hands. You can choose to wear just the hand decorations or the bracelet or the whole set link as here. A HUD offers metal and gemstone options. This is one of two such sets released for the Liaison Collaborative.

The hair is Lola, one of several great Hair Fair releases from EMO-tions.

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I just couldn’t resist another angle of the camp, which I think came out very moody and mysterious. And look at my darling Teegle horse having a rest as well.


Body Parts: Slink Physique Hourglass body, Slink hands & feet, LeLutka Cate, Mayfly eyes
Skin: Adam n Eve Taliya TB
Cosmetics: The Muses Body Art 02 (We Love Role-Play)
Hair: EMO-tions Lulu (Hair Fair)
Clothes: The Muses Inara Net (We Love Role-Play)
Accessories: Voluptas Virtualis Lali The Liaison Collaborative
Decor: Paper Moon Oasis Shade Tent, Oasis Side Table, Oasis Reflecting Pool (The Home Show)

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